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Paige Hathaway In Workout Gear Shares Alternatives For Lat Pulldowns

No cables? No problem. 

Fitness influencer Paige Hathaway is sharing some fitness advice for people who don't like using cables at the gym. Hathaway, 36, posted a video of herself wearing gray shorts and a purple sports bra, using weights at the gym for her workout. "My 5 Best Alternatives for Lat Pulldowns — that doesn't use cables! 😤" she captioned the post. "Grateful for this," a fan commented. Here's how the trainer stays fit, happy, and healthy.


Life Fitness

Hathaway loves F45 workouts. "I was brought into F45… and I love it," she told The Daily Telegraph. "It's just for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you've been working out for a really long time, or if it's day one. It's all functional movements. So it's  like  when  you're  picking   up your kids, or you're putting your suitcase in an airplane locker — it's the functional movements you use every single day. I call it life fitness."


Lots of Protein

Hathaway makes sure to get enough protein in her diet. "Prepping HIGH PROTEIN meals ensures you have nutritious, balanced food ready for the week," she captioned an Instagram post. "It helps control portions, track calories, and avoid unhealthy choices. Consistent meal prep supports muscle growth, weight management, saves time, reduces stress, and lets you focus on other important aspects of life. I highly recommend it!✨💪🏼"


Pescatarian Diet

Hathaway follows a pescatarian diet. "I did it for my own health reasons. I was having digestive issues, and I was trying to find a way to holistically solve it," she told The Daily Telegraph. "And so it fixed ­itself and so I've been doing it ever since. That's one thing I always say — living a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, it shouldn't be something you dread every day, it should be something that works for you and fits into your lifestyle. That's what gives you longevity and the ability to stick to it."


Staying Accountable


Hathaway says accountability is what people need to stay focused on their fitness goals. "Accountability is key," she told The Daily Telegraph. "People ask me how I stay motivated in life, and my answer is to find yourself a motivation partner. It's super important. It's why ­people go to the gym maybe once a week or once a month, because they don't have accountability."


Alternatives For Lat Pulldowns

Here are Hathaway's 5 best alternatives for lat pulldowns:


Target lats to define back & enhance unilateral strength.


A love-hate that builds upper body strength and muscle coordination.


Strengthen the entire back, core, hamstrings & promotes better posture.


Challenging chest & back movement also enhances core & shoulder flexibility.


Strengthens the upper back & biceps, while improving posture!

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