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Pamela Reif In Workout Gear Shares "Amazing" Low-Impact Cardio Session

“This won’t kill you, and your neighbors won’t either!”

Fitness influencer Pamela Reif is sharing a 10 minute low-impact "no jumping" cardio routine, perfect for anyone who wants to protect their joints while still getting their heart rate up. Reif, 27, posted a video of herself wearing black shorts and a sports bra, working out on a beautiful sandy beach. "This won't kill you… and your neighbors won't either! 🤣🤣 10min No Jumping Cardio – who has tried it already? 🕺🫡😍There are so many reasons why not to jump: a loud floor, pain in knees or ankles or simply not being 20 anymore. My heart rate was at a steady 140-160 – amazing cardio 🥰♥️♥️♥️" she captioned the post. Here's how Pamela stays fit, strong, and beautiful.


Strong and Toned

Reif changed her approach to working out, which changed her life and career. "I  learned how to train your whole body properly," she says on her website. "Because it's really important that your body and your muscles are balanced and that's why you should, for example, also train your back and your arms—even as a woman. That doesn't mean that you'll end up looking like a bodybuilder or in any way masculine. You'll end up looking feminine, strong and toned!"


Eat More, Not Less

Reif overhauled her physique by learning how to cook her own food and make healthy options. "Lots of people also think that a healthy lifestyle means that you need to forgo everything," she says on her website. "But I learned that you need to concentrate on eating more of the right food instead of concentrating on what you shouldn't eat. So in fact, you're eating more, not less."


Indoor Climbing

Reif loves wall climbing. "When practicing all those pull-ups finally had a real use 😂😂 feeling strong, feeling great 🤓 can you do a pull up? #bouldering," she captioned an Instagram post.


Mental Health

Reif says strength training positively impacted her mental health. "Apart from the outer beauty, weight training also made me more happy on the inside," she says on her website. "Because working out with weights supports the production of endorphins and those endorphins are responsible for the feeling of happiness."


Dance Workouts

Reif loves a good dance workout. "10min Party Dance now up on 📺💙," she captioned an Instagram post. "Those are just some of the moves from when I was practicing, watch my story to see an overview for each song & full performance mode. Disco pump with me on David Guetta, Icona Pop & more… I'm sure you know the lyrics of those bangers so you can sing along with full energy 🫣🥸."

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