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Paola Mayfield in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Fat-Burning Routine

Here are her diet and fitness habits.

Paola Mayfield is burning fat in her two-piece workout clothes. In a new social media post the 90 Day Fiance star shows off her incredible figure while giving her followers a glimpse into her exercise routine. "Just because I am a mother doesn't mean I can't wear a swimsuit or something like this! I am working hard to look the way I want to look," she wrote in the video. "It's not perfect but it's the result of my discipline and effort!" she added in the Instagram caption. How does the reality star stay fit? Celebwell rounded up her diet and exercise habits. 


Strength and Weight Training

Paola's workout consists of weight and strength training exercises, including weighted squats, lunges, and hip thrusts. In another video she reveals that "cardio + resistance training" and a "low-carb diet" help keep her in shape. 



Paola recently started wrestling. "I didn't grow up in wrestling. I didn't grow up watching wrestling and it's not common in Colombia. And that's why for me starting, I don't wanna say that I'm starting late because it's never too late to start something that you feel passionate about, because you can do so many things, but what if something else is what you are supposed to do? And I feel that that's me right now: Wrestling. If I knew about wrestling, I would've done this while ago, but the time is right now and I'm here," she said on The Wrassingh Show.. "I feel like when I get into the ring, I can be this person, I can be this strong person. I can do so many things in the ring that like me in my normal life, I wouldn't do."


Training Others


After starring on the popular reality show, Paola picked up a new hob. "I'm a personal trainer but that is something that I do for people. You know, I love training people. I love helping people with their fitness journey," she told The Wrassingh Show.


Working with Trainers and Coaches

Paola works out a lot and relies on others to help her. "You normally have three to four classes a week. Sometimes I have to travel to other states to train with other people, because it requires me for what I'm working right now. My current coach is Loki and he's very strict. He's very intense with his training. I'm always learning. Look, when you have passion for something, you just go and learn it and you do everything it takes to actually make it work and make it happen. And that's what I'm doing," she said in the same interview. "So I have to work hard to be among the best ones."


Vegan Diet


Paola switched to a vegan diet after having a baby, and claims it helped with gastrointestinal issues. "I started to feel sick because all of the junk food and the fast food," she explained in one of her YouTube videos. "My stomach was hurting, my stomach was always bloated, and I was feeling super super bad, so I went to the doctor." After the doctor couldn't help she did her own research and maintains that "avoiding eating meat" helped her "lose the baby weight, it helped me feel more energetic, it made me feel better."



Paola also boxes. "I love everything I do, and I do everything I love," she captioned this video of herself throwing punches. Harvard Health maintains that boxing is a great way to build strength, improve balance, posture, hand-eye coordination, boost mood and endurance, and helps increase alertness. 

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