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Paula Abdul in Puma Workout Gear Had "Such An Amazing Time"

Here’s how she lives her best life.

Paula Abdul is truly the gift that just keeps on giving. The 61-year-old singer and dancer is working on a new musical with young performers, and shared a sweet video of herself wearing black workout pants and a Puma sweatshirt as she bounced along with them during a rehearsal. "I'm thrilled to announce I am co-producing 'How to Dance in Ohio' (@ohiomusical), a heartwarming Broadway musical about a group of young, autistic adults as they prepare for their first formal dance. I had such an amazing time watching this exceptional cast shine in their rehearsals in New York City," she captioned the post. Abdul is thriving in her 60s—here's how she takes care of her health and happiness.


Dancing For Fitness

Dance is still Abdul's favorite way to stay fit and full of energy. "As I've gotten older I've learned that if you don't move it, you lose it," she told First For Women. "Bodies in motion stay in motion and movement is so important to keep your joints lubricated to keep them from becoming stiff and painful… They say music is the king of all languages, but I think dance is! You don't have to dance in Italian or Japanese: You just dance! I don't consider it exercise even though I'm huffing and puffing, because dance is so enjoyable—even if you're just doing it in your living room. It's wonderful for your joints and bone density."


Vegas Residency Training

Abdul had an intense workout schedule during her Las Vegas residency. "It's very physically intense," she told PEOPLE. "I get up at 6 and I work with my trainer for an hour and a half. Then I go to rehearsals at about a quarter to 9. We do a warm-up and then we dance. We go from about 9:45 until 7 p.m., and we take one day off. I do a lot of stretching. When I'm with my trainer I'm doing Pilates, I'm doing a lot of back and core work. Even though I'm dancing all day I often do straight cardio just so that I'm conditioning my body. And after each performance I usually get in an ice-cold tub. It's not fun! It shocks your body, but it helps with inflammation."


No Dieting

Abdul no longer follows restrictive diets, instead focusing on self love and acceptance. "That's actually what helps me eat foods that nourish my body, keep me feeling good, add to my overall health and support my goals as a woman, a dancer and a performer," she told She Knows. "So I eat lean protein, vegetables and I drink plenty of water. Sometimes I'll have a sweet treat. However, I don't count calories, or bully or shame myself into eating (or not eating) certain foods when I don't 'eat perfectly.' I have learned from experience that when I treat myself this way it adds so much joy to my life."


Self-Care and Happiness

Self-care is a non-negotiable part of Abdul's life. "Eating healthy, resting and meditation are vital self-care practices for me," she told She Knows. "Staying connected with family and friends is also part of my self-care. Getting in touch, visiting with them when I can and seeing what everyone's doing. The people in my life are so important to me so I make sure we keep in touch. Playing with my dogs and taking them for long walks is huge for my self-care, too. They're my four-legged family members and they bring so much happiness to my life!"


Gratitude and Mindfulness

Abdul takes time every day to practice gratitude and mindfulness, especially when she's stressed. "I'll take a deep breath, count to 10 and by the time I hit 10, I'll realize how grateful I am for that situation. And suddenly, something hard has turned into gratitude!" she told First For Women.  "Grounding myself, being present and quieting my mind—that's what helps me stay balanced. It takes nothing out of my day to stop and be present. Even with the little things like being with people. If it's someone I don't know, I ask their name, what they do, if they have children. It's important to let people know they are seen, and being mindful both with people and by myself brings peace."

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