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Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby Offers 6 Tips for Staying in Shape on Vacation

Here are his lifestyle tips.

Cody Rigsby, Peloton Instructor and season 30 contestant on Dancing with the Stars, knows a thing or two about staying fit on the road. The 37-year-old recently traveled to the swanky Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to celebrate the reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the refreshed gym space, Mussels Fitness Center, complete with new Peloton bikes and a dedicated yoga space. He also took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Celebwell  at the very first Sunday Tea Dance celebrating PRIDE at The Cabanas at Ocean and offer tips on how to stay in shape while on vacation.


Plan Ahead

Anna Feiner / Ocean Casino Resort

Before you even book a room, Cody recommends doing your research. "Think about what workouts you like and see if they have the equipment," he recommends. "If they don't, get into a body weight workout." If you are a Peloton rider, check and see if the hotel offers bikes or Peloton hardware, "so that you have great coaches teaching you classes on vacation and you don't have to even worry about it." Pro tip: Use the Peloton Hotel Finder website to locate one. 


Pack Protein Snacks

Anna Feiner / Ocean Casino Resort

In addition to an eye mask for sleeping ("I'm very sensitive to light and so if there's any light getting in, I can't sleep," says Rigsby) he always makes sure to pack face wash, swimwear, and protein packed snacks. "I hate being hungry on any sort of travel, like on the plane or in the car. So snacks, something with high protein, like a protein shake," is key for him. 


Don't Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Anna Feiner / Ocean Casino Resort

He also recommends not putting too much pressure on yourself. "I think you need to set expectations like you're not gonna have your best workouts on vacation," he says. "Some days you're not gonna work out, not gonna wanna work out and it's fine. And that a little bit goes a long way."


Commit to 20 Minutes a Day

Anna Feiner / Ocean Casino Resort

However, he recommends giving yourself a movement quota to reach. "Maybe you're not gonna do an hour workout, but you should try to commit to 20 minutes every day," he says. He recommends something low impact, so you can enjoy your vacation while getting a workout in. 


Don't Be Too Strict About Your Diet

Anna Feiner / Ocean Casino Resort

As for your diet, healthy eating goals are great, "but I think you should also have fun," he says. "You don't wanna spend your whole vacation worrying about how many calories you're consuming, what you're eating," he says. "It's the time to let go and have fun and you'll get back to your goals when you get back home."



Anna Feiner / Ocean Casino Resort

He also stresses the importance of hydration, especially because if you are on vacation, you might be drinking more alcohol than usual. "I like to drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic drink I have, and that really helps with hangovers and hydration," he says. 

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