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Pia Mia in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Leg Workout

Mia wore a brown workout gear set.

Pia Mia is a successful singer who has gone from YouTube to international superstardom. She has released songs like "Bitter Love," "Touch," and "Do It Again." Mia recently hit the gym and did some leg workouts. She shared some photos on her Instagram story of herself doing donkey kicks. In them, Mia wore a brown workout gear set. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see five ways Pia Mia stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Boxes

Mia shared some of her workout secrets in a video interview with Whistle Worthy. One thing she likes to do is box. The Southern Colorado FCA states that boxing has a lot of benefits. "An advantage of jumping into a boxing program is the balance and agility you'll acquire through workouts. Transferable to just about every other sport, boxing will help support the growth of body movement and awareness to provide control and a strong stance."


She Strength Trains

In her Whistle Worthy interview, Mia revealed that she strength trains to stay in shape, as this helps her perform on stage. Harvard Health states that strength training has a lot of health benefits. "Strength training, in particular, has bone benefits beyond those offered by aerobic weight-bearing exercise. It targets bones of the hips, spine, and wrists, which are the sites most likely to fracture. What's more, resistance workouts — particularly those that include moves emphasizing power and balance — enhance strength and stability. That can boost confidence, encourage you to stay active, and reduce fractures another way — by cutting down on falls."


She Does Squats

In her Whistle Worthy video interview, Mia is seen doing squats with a barbell. The Mayo Clinic states that squats have a lot of benefits. "The squat is a body resistance exercise that works the leg muscles. Specifically, the squat targets the quadriceps and the hamstring muscles. Strengthening these muscles can help protect your knees and boost your performance in a variety of sports."


She Relaxes

Pia Mia/Instagram

Mia lives a busy life, which can be stressful. However, she revealed to Whistle Worthy that she likes to relax after a workout. "Normally after my workouts, I like to go someplace quiet and disconnect from people and social media, and just have some time for myself. If I'm feeling stressed, or have a lot going on, being outside in the fresh air just always makes me feel good."


She's True To Herself

Pia Mia/Instagram

Mia talked about her career in an interview with Billboard. In it, she says that she wants to stay true to herself, and its why she turned down a deal. "People might think that I'm crazy for walking away from such an amazing deal. But I was never hesitant because I knew that there is no point in me doing this, if the music that's coming out isn't my soul and isn't connected to me and my life, because I'm the one who has to get up there and sing it. I have to perform it. I have to talk about it and it's wrong to talk about stuff that I don't connect with. So, I knew that it wasn't fair to my fans who are supporting me and who believe in me. I talk to them on such a real level through social media, so why should my music not be the same way?"

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