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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Star Paulina Singer Shares Swimsuit Photo Of "Joy"

The saying she lives by.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan star Paulina Singer is celebrating the release of her new song 'Shelf Life'. Singer, who plays Zisa on the show, shared a picture of herself posing outside in a green bikini, against a background of green trees and rocks. "In awe of joy. By the legend @shanajade 🌱 SHELF LIFE produced by me, available on all platforms🎶," she captioned the post. Here's how Singer lives a thoughtful life and takes care of her wellness. 


Saving Mother Earth

Singer is a keen environmentalist. "I'm trying to create a large company or organization where everything is created out of trash. tools, household items and clothing," she says. "I recently made some dope flowers out of trash (I have a bag of things in my room that instead of throwing out I save to make [stuff]) because we found vases in our apartment and didn't have flowers, also I think housing a flower in a pot is quite cruel."


Do It With Fear


Singer has learned to deal with her anxiety thanks to a particular saying. "There's this saying, 'Házlo con miedo', in Spanish," she says. "I heard it once growing up and it has stuck with me since. It means 'do it with fear'. As a person with anxiety, I am almost always afraid of new experiences or new situations so this phrase has helped me hype myself up. I will be shaking in my boots with fear because I have to talk to some executive, or do an interview but I will reaffirm myself with this phrase and 'do it afraid'. I have to constantly remind myself that not everything is as scary as it seems so this quote has helped me a lot in that sense."


Proud Hippy

Singer is proud of her hippy credentials. "Pangean is a company that my best friends created where all of their clothing is 100% recycled and their goal is to make living sustainably feel easy and show people who are tentative about changing their ways that you don't have to be a hippy to be sustainable," she says. "Personally I like being a hippy, but anyway, I'm trying to merge with them in some way and see that type of organization become the largest creator of things on the planet, all completely sustainable."


Her Perfect Day

Singer loves hosting people back at home. "When friends visit Puerto Rico, I always love to take them to the classic tourist spots and then some hidden gems," she says. "I love a stroll in Viejo San Juan: seeing the beautiful architecture and stopping by El Morro and sitting on the grass while enjoying a nice ice cream from local vendors. Then, I would take them to Teatro en 15, which is a new theater concept of micro plays that last 15 minutes. And, to end the night we would go dancing and drinking at La Factoría. The rest of the week would be composed of beach days, hiking in El Yunque and eating delicious food at local restaurants."


Overcoming Insecurities

Singer has learned to appreciate herself and be proud of her achievements. "To get to where I am today, I had to overcome a lot of insecurities," she says. "I realized I had to be my biggest fan. We are so quick to judge ourselves and to be our biggest critic, but when you believe you're as big as you say you are, others start to believe it too. I had to and am still dealing with those insecurities. At the end of the day I love what I do and I should be able to enjoy it. I'm glad I'm in a better place right now where I can say how proud I am of myself."

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