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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Stuns in a Two-Piece Black Outfit Playing Golf

How Priyanka Chopra Jonas stays healthy and in shape. 

From her jaw-dropping looks to her undeniable talent and buzzed about family, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has become one of the most sought-out actresses. She's currently starring on Amazon's Citadel and wows in the opening scene in a fitted red dress with a high slit, but that's not the only time she's recently stunned. The 41-year-old posted a series of snaps wishing her husband Nick Jonas a happy birthday. In one she's wearing a two-piece sexy black outfit while playing golf with the caption, "Celebrating you is the greatest joy of my life. You have pushed me in ways I didn't know was possible.. shown me peace like I have never known.. and loving like only you can.. I love you my birthday guy! I hope all your dreams always come true… Happy birthday baby." Chopra Jonas is a self-proclaimed foodie but doesn't obsess over her diet. In fact, the new mom finds "creative ways" to hide when she's overindulged too much, she revealed in a refreshingly honest interview with PINKVILLA about what she eats. "I love food," she passionately explained. "I live for food. I wake up for food. I have breakfast talking about lunch. I have lunch talking about dinner," she said. Here's a closer look at how the star looks so great and her positive outlook on staying healthy and in shape. 


She Squeezes in Quick Workouts

The former Miss World maintains a busy schedule but makes time for a  workout a few times a week. "There are days, at least trice a week, I try to get in a quick workout. I try to do some eight-minute something, or abs, or whatever, But then the next day I'll forget, so I'm not very consistent," she laughed. 


She Skips


While she doesn't have a consistent workout routine for now, she does try to do cardio more frequently. "I love skipping," she said. "I learnt it really well in school and then I learnt it even better during Mary Kom, so I try to get my cardio in by skipping. It's easy to carry, you have your skipping rope in your bag, it's easy to do."


She Hydrates

A health ritual the actress never forgets to do is drink water and has about seven to eight water bottles a day. "Hydration! I never forget to drink water. I am drinking water all the time." 


She Has a Hearty Breakfast


Chopra Jonas typically mixes her native Indian cuisine with American and for breakfast, she has eggs with avocado toast or she'll do stuffed parathas. "They are my favorite," she shared. 


She Eats a Healthy Well-Balanced Diet


Since she travels often between India and the U.S.. Chopra Jonas' diet varies. If she's in the States, she will have fish, salads, and soups. If she's in India, she explained she eats nachni roti, "which is amazingly super healthy and tastes good too." She added, "Then I have a variety of things. I like Bhindi. I love daal. I love aloo gobi." 


She Has Played Golf

Priyanka Chopra / Instagram

Golf offers a multitude of health benefits. Firstly, it is an excellent form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Walking across the golf course provides a good aerobic workout, which is beneficial for heart health and calorie burning. This is particularly advantageous for someone with a busy lifestyle like Chopra, ensuring she gets regular physical activity. Moreover, golf requires precision and mental focus, aiding in improving concentration and stress reduction. The strategic nature of the game can be a mental workout, helping to keep the mind sharp and focused. This aspect is beneficial for someone in a demanding career like acting, where mental clarity and focus are crucial.

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