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Pro Racer Natalie Decker In Black Workout Gear Watches Eclipse

Here are her fitness tips.

Professional racecar driver Natalie Decker took no chances when it came to watching the solar eclipse in April. Decker, 26, shared pictures of herself wearing black workout pants and a matching tank top, barefoot except for Nike socks. Instead of using protective glasses, Decker sported a welding helmet to protect her eyes from the event. "Eclipse ☀️🌑," she captioned the post. Decker is very focused on winning, despite her autoimmune struggles. Here's what her training, diet, and wellness routine looks like.


Full-Body Workouts

Decker exercises with a personal trainer to get a full body workout—she is mindful about how her arthritis feels, and takes it from there. Here is one example she shared online:

(3 rounds)

Row/ fly -12  

Triceps- 12

Squat press- 12


(3 rounds)

Wide squats- 15

Deadlifts – 15

Side lunges-15


(3 rounds)

Star abs – 20

Side plank crunch – (10 each side)

Weighted toe touch – 20


Racing Family

Decker knew she wanted to race since she was a young girl. "I grew up in a racing family," she told The Podium Finish. "My dad and his three brothers raced everything and anything. But they are most famous for snowmobile racing. I grew a love for motorsports at a young age and I knew that this was a path I wanted to take since I was a young girl… Racing is all we know. We love this sport even during the bad times. But it does get difficult and some days, I do feel like giving up. Finding funding to go racing is the hardest part of this sport. The only thing that keeps me going is my family. I am surrounded by people that love me."


Living With Arthritis

Decker has arthritis, and wants to educate people about the condition. "Living with an autoimmune disease has its ups and downs," she told The Podium Finish. "But overall, I just want to be a voice for those who go through the same difficulties as I do with everyday tasks. So many people don't understand how much this can affect your life and I want to educate those people."


Vegetables and Rice


One of Decker's favorite go-to meals is a veggie and rice scramble. "It's a quick and easy recipe, so for those long days when you just want something now, it's perfect," she told ESPN. "I also just love vegetables. For me, eating healthy is important. There's always so many things going on, so it definitely helps to be healthy and in shape when we're racing every weekend. You've got to be on top of your game and be able to perform."


Arthritis Foundation

Decker is proud of her work with the Arthritis Foundation, hoping to make it easier for other young people to cope with the condition. "For me, it's so important to use my platform to let others fighting similar battles know that they're not alone, especially younger patients with forms of juvenile arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation has already formed a wonderful network of support for patients of all ages, and this partnership will allow me to make even more meaningful connections with the arthritis community."