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Racer Courtney Force Shares Swimsuit Photo From Lake Tahoe

The one exercise she swears by.

Racer Courtney Force went on a trip to Lake Tahoe with friends and family, and shared highlights of her getaway on social media. Force, 35, posted pictures of the vacation, including photos of her wearing a bikini on a boat in the sunshine, and in the water with a pal. "Days on Lake Tahoe☀️," she captioned the post. "Looks like Heaven," a fan commented. Here's what Force's diet, exercise, and training regimen looks like.


Cardio and Strength Training

Force does a combination of cardio and strength training at the gym. "It's important to build your upper body strength when handling one of these 10,000 horsepower race cars," she says. "In these cars anything can happen when you're reaching speeds over 300 mph so you need to be mentally and physically prepared for anything. After working with a trainer I've learned so many great moves and workouts that I have added to my routine and taken on the road with me. I work out in gyms across the country during race weekends and enjoy getting prepared for the upcoming race! It's always important to mix up your routine so your body doesn't get used to the same old thing. I'm always looking for new tips and ideas when working out to shock my body, and get it working hard for every workout."


Strong Legs

Force is a big fan of the shoulder press to keep her legs strong. "These race cars can be unpredictable, so you need to be strong enough to handle it and keep the car going straight down the race track," she says. "This is a dangerous sport, but it is always exciting! The stronger your legs are, the quicker you can mash down on the throttle and leave quicker than your opponent at the starting line!"


Protein and Almonds


Force does her best to enjoy nutritious foods when she's traveling for work. "It's tough to follow a strict diet when you're on the road, but I eat small meals throughout the day to keep my energy level up," she says. "I am always relying on protein and do my best to cut out the carbs especially over a race weekend. When I need a snack I always grab fruit or almonds to hold me over."


Driving With Dad

Force loves racing with her racing champion father John Force. "Dad and I have become the first father-daughter to ever be Nos. 1 and 2 in the points, which is such an incredible feeling," she says. "With the other competitors right on our tails, I'm going to savor this moment for a while. We are going to keep the momentum going and our team is ready to fight it out to the end."


College Education

Force majored in Communications at Cal State Fullerton. "I was very determined to get my college degree before pursuing a career in racing, just so I could have a fall back plan," she says. "Having a degree in Communications definitely helped me see both sides of the entertainment business as well as how to understand and work with the media side of my job. This has helped me to be more comfortable in front of the camera and understanding of the ins and outs of communicating and the hard work it takes to reach my goal. Being a race car driver is only part of the job. Being able to manage everything else is the difficult part. You have to be able to handle being pulled in multiple directions, keep it under control and keep your focus, not only for your team, but for your sponsors and fans as well."

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