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Rachel Bilson In Leggings and Hoka Sneakers Shares "The Bright Side"

“Lewk on the bright side #fashun 🥔."

Rachel Bilson is effortlessly stylish, whether she's on set or out and about in her workout gear. The actress shared an Instagram picture of herself posing on the street in black leggings and yellow Hoka sneakers, a hat shielding her face from the sun. "Lewk on the bright side #fashun 🥔," she captioned the post. "Love this fit & need those Hokas," a fan commented. Here's what Bilson's wellness regimen looks like at 42.


Tennis and Dancing

Bilson prefers exercising in the fresh air and sunshine. "My main form of exercise is 'couch dancing' to Grease 2," she told Women's Health. "I mean, Michelle Pfeiffer singing Cool Rider – you don't get better than that. I grew up obsessed with that movie and dance movies in general. I'm not into the gym. I prefer dancing or tennis. I'm not great – no Wimbledon next year – but I'm trying to get better."


Plant-Based Diet

Bilson avoids dairy at home, preferring a plant-based diet. "We definitely try to focus on less dairy in our house," she told Parade. "It really helped my daughter's skin clear up. She was having some eczema, and when we stopped dairy, it went away. So, that was a huge eye-opener for us just seeing how much you diet can basically control things that are happening with your body.


Less Is More

Bilson's beauty approach is 'less is more'. "Overall, I like to keep my looks very natural but like to go for a bold eye, if anything," she told Allure. "My makeup artist suggested trying a cat-eye and I'm always happy to try what they suggest. I like that look and think it's cool. I totally respect what anyone wants to do in their own beauty routine but I prefer to stay away from doing things that could give me a fake look, like lip plumping or collagen. I prefer to keep it natural."


Healthy Summer Salad


Bilson has a summer salad she swears by. "I have this corn salad that my sister-in-law discovered," she told Parade. "It is so good. It's like roasted corn or grilled corn and lime and jalapeño and tomato and avocado and cilantro. That's my go-to summer salad. You know what's so fun for kids is watermelon and you dip the edges in Pop Rocks candy. That's a fun trick."


Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Bilson says her favorite snack while filming The O.C was Cheetos—which is still a guilty pleasure. "My main snack my whole life—if I see it I will eat it—Flamin' Hot Cheetos or any kind of Cheetos," she told Parade. "A total opposite of what we're talking about now. Flamin' Hot Cheetos and cookies. I have a big sweet tooth, so I'm huge on donuts and cinnamon buns."

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