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Ramona Singer in Workout Gear "Loved Walking 20K Steps"

It’s always turtle time!

The Real Housewives of New York alum Ramona Singer has some great advice about fitness and beauty—namely, walking as much as possible every day, at least 10,000 steps. Singer, 67, shared a picture of herself posing outside in Palm Beach, Florida, wearing lilac workout gear and a sun visor. "Loved walking 20K steps along the Lake Trail. Great to back for the season 🥰," she captioned the post. Here's how else the reality star stays fit and happy.


Weight Training

Ramona Singer/Instagram

Singer completely overhauled her health and fitness routine and feels better than ever. "I've just been doing a lot of combinations," she told Us Weekly. "So I've been doing exhale which is all about core fusion. I do free weights. I do core training. I do tennis and I run intermittently. I run for a mile on the treadmill and it's working."


Vodka, Not Wine

Singer has switched from wine to vodka. "I'm not drinking so much wine anymore," she told Us Weekly. "I love my wine, don't get me wrong. I still drink the wine. But I started with vodka unless someone is going to order like a really good bottle of wine, I'm not going to drink that wine by the glass anymore for $15 or $20. I'm not wasting my calories on that. And I don't eat dessert! I eat healthy. You are what you eat."


Sunblock and Sleep

Singer says she always uses sunblock and gets over eight hours of sleep every night. "How you take care of your body on the inside is reflected on the outside," says Helena M. Schotland, M.D., a sleep disorders specialist at the University of Michigan. "I think of it as beauty from within. I would say it's good quality of sleep and good quantity of sleep. So it's getting as much refreshing sleep as you need so that you wake up in the morning feeling ready to go — and keep yourself going throughout the day without getting tired or sleepy."


Beauty Tips

Singer says she did most of her cosmetic procedures in her 50s, aside from an eye lift when daughter Avery was a child. "First, just so you know, having anything done surgical on your face does not change the quality of your skin," Singer said on her podcast. "I have really great quality of skin because I use anti-aging skincare products; I've used lasers and sunscreen… And the other thing that's really important is drinking lots of water. I drink lots of water and I get nine hours of sleep every night. Most people get what? Six, seven [hours]? I need nine. And that's what I think really keeps me young looking and youthful."


Walking 10,000 Steps a Day

Singer gets 10,000 steps in every day and says fitness and beauty go hand-in-hand. "I'm gonna share it all. I'm gonna share all my secrets right now. How's that?" Singer said on her Turtle Time podcast. "I think the No. 1 thing that's most important is the way you look physically, meaning physically fit… There's no secret to getting that [through] operations or surgery. You have to be physical. You need to work out. And it's never too late to change your body. And I've helped some of my girlfriends change their bodies… Walking. Walking. Walking. Walking. Keep active. You have to keep active… If you have a good body, then you're gonna look younger and you'll feel better and you'll have more energy."

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