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Reacher Star Maria Sten in Bathing Suit Says "It's 92 In the Shade"

She’s a writer first.

Reacher star Maria Sten is showing off some bathing suit selfies, no beach or pool required—and shared them on her social media. Sten, who plays Frances Neagley on the show, posted two pictures of herself posing in a one-piece swimsuit and heels, her hair tied back with a matching bow. "It's 92 in the shade," she captioned the post. "Love this set!" a fan commented. Here's how Sten approaches her work, and her thoughts on Hollywood.


Inspired by Movies

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Sten was inspired to become an actress after watching certain movies growing up. "I think it's more about certain movies that you watch growing up that evoke a sense of escapism and adventure and sort of, you know, disappearing into this world that we can experience outside of ourselves," she says. "And for me, that was movies like Thelma & Louise and Silverado, and plenty of other movies like Pride and Prejudice, for example. I have a very eclectic taste. So, yeah, I think it's more just these worlds that we can escape into. And I always wanted to do that as an actor, and I wanted to live more lives than the one that I had. And so I think that was primarily what made me want to be an actor."


She's a Writer


Sten writes as well as acts. "I've always been a writer, sort of a person who writes things better than I'm a writer," she says. "And then, when I was first starting out as an actor in LA, I, as many actors do, hit a wall in terms of sort of not getting the jobs that I was up for or getting great feedback, which is not booking the roles. And I often felt that, you know, I needed to belong to some sort of box or stereotype, not for everything, obviously, but oftentimes for being a woman of color, and that that's what you sort of find yourself in."


Swamp Thing

Sten has a lot in common with her Swamp Thing character Liz. "I think I am also a very sort of tenacious person when it comes to putting my mind to something; if I have an agenda, it's going to happen one way or another— stubborn, if you will," she says. "And I think Liz is also a loyal friend and is trying to watch out for the people she cares about, and I think for me, I'm the same in a lot of ways. I'm very guarded, I think, and not maybe as open as Liz is, but I also have that edge that she does, you know, like she will stand up for herself."


Complex Characters

Sten loves playing flawed, vulnerable characters. "I love being a part of a project that empowers female characters," she says. "I sort of get long in the face when I hear the term 'strong female characters', because I think there's a common misconception about what that means, but I think 'complex female characters' on screen is exciting, and this show definitely offers a variety of that, so for me that's the kind of project I love being a part of. Representation and inclusion are the golden buzzwords right now, but for me that's always been my truth."


She's a Storyteller

Sten believes her acting and writing skills complement each other. "No matter which hat I'm wearing, be it acting, writing, directing, producing, it's being part of telling a story that's exciting to me," she says. "It's also really helpful to see both sides. As the actor in the writer's room, I try to always advocate for the actors, and as the writer acting on set, I can empathize with whatever the writer's going through at any given moment. I'd like to think that perspective is helpful in making me a better collaborator and storyteller."

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