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Real Housewives Star Heather Dubrow Shares Swimsuit Photo From Mexico

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Heather Dubrow is living her best life – in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts, the Real Housewives of Orange County star flaunts her incredible figure at 54 while vacationing in Mexico, wearing a white hot bathing suit. How does the reality star keep herself fit and healthy in her fifties? She and her husband, Terry Dubrow, MD, created a diet that she follows. 


She Follows The Dubrow Diet Plan

She and Dr. Dubrow created The Dubrow Diet Plan, a diet "based on intermittent fasting," she says of the 2018 bestseller. "So the challenge of intermittent fasting is that you don't get to eat for long periods of time. And, for some people, that was too difficult," she told Hollywood Life. "It's not just a diet," Heather says of the plan. "It's a lifestyle."


It Is a More Sustainable Version of Keto

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"When you look at a ketogenic diet, there's a lot of benefits to that, but [it's] really not a sustainable diet," she says of the popular high-protein plan," she explained about the diet. 


She Fasts

The diet is a fusion of fasting and keto. "We call it the 12-8-4 plan. Basically 12 hours of fasting, eight hours of keto-friendly food and then four hours of a diet where we're reintroducing carbs," she says.


She Fasts Overnight

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Heather fasts for 12 hours overnight, starting right after dinner. "You're sleeping for most of those," she says. She breaks her fast into the keto portion of the day, by drinking a type of "keto coffee." "You can make it the way you like it with some MCT oil, grass fed butter, a little coconut cream, heavy cream, whatever it is that floats your boat…" she says. "And that's great because you're using all those healthy fats to fat burn. 


Here Is What She Eats in a Day

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For lunch, her first meal of the day, she has either a skillet frittata, "which is great… or, I love the burger. I'm a big burger girl…but I love to do a burger with bacon. For the kids, I'll slice some avocado on top and wrap it in lettuce," she said. She follows it up with a afternoon snack of kale chips or a hummus dip. "Then for dinner, when, in that four-hour window, we're reintroducing some of those carbs, I'll add quinoa," she says. "I'll do some almond flour, little crisps to go with the dinner, or I love cauliflower rice." For dessert she enjoys low-glycemic fruit that's not high in sugar, like sour cherries or grapefruit. 

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