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RHOC Star Alexis Bellino In Workout Gear Shares Gym Selfie 

"I’m obviously not amused."

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino is faux-mad at her personal trainer for giving her an impossible routine. Bellino, 47, shared a picture of herself wearing purple leggings and a black tank top, posing for a selfie with her personal trainer. "He thinks he's being funny giving me the whiteboard workout of 80 reps of each today followed by 3 sets of 50 abs🙄…I'm obviously not amused. Swipe ⬅️to see the workout. #hatehimtodaylovehimtomorrow @anti_gym_sc," she captioned the post. Here's what Bellino's health and wellness regimen looks like as she returns to the hit Bravo show.


Everything In Moderation

Bellino's approach to fitness is straightforward and balanced. "My biggest two mottos are 'everything in moderation' and you have to exercise!" she told Gigi Saffron & Ever. "I don't deprive myself of treats when I want them, however, if I eat pizza for lunch I may eat a light dinner like a salad or a small piece of fish. I think having three little ones to chase after, clean up after and run everywhere sure helps too! I'm not a crazy gym fanatic anymore, I just don't have the time. I may run around the neighborhood or do a yoga class, but I consistently keep exercise and activity a part of my life."


Mental Health Workouts

Bellino finds exercise helps her deal with challenging times. "Unexpected changes are tremendously impacting the way I am now living my life," she captioned an Instagram post. "I'm finally at a place where I have the time and emotional bandwidth to focus on health and also spiritual clarity. I'm sharing these photos to hold myself accountable as I am working on becoming the best version of myself."


Beauty Routine

Bellino's beauty routine is focused heavily on exfoliation. "My everyday beauty ritual is to wash my face, then use my Clarisonic, apply toner, apply two separate lotions, and of course my eye cream," she told Gigi Saffron & Ever. "And at night time, my Latisse. I would say the most important part of that is the Clarisonic. It takes the dead skin off everyday and allows your natural glow to come through."


Marriage Therapy

Lilly Lawrence/WireImage

Bellino believes her marriage to Jim Bellino would never have survived, reality tv or not. "We were married 14 years and then [in] therapy the whole 14 years. So that tells you something," she told Us Weekly. "I don't think that Jim and I would have made it, even if Housewives hadn't have come about. It would have been me wanting to open my coffee shop that I've had a dream for, or like, you know, there's just other things that I would have probably wanted to do that. It would've caused a little bit of a ruckus."


Inspiring Reads


Bellino loves to read self-help books that inspire her. "The most beautiful book I have ever read is 'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch," she told Gigi Saffron & Ever. "It talks about his journey with cancer, knowing that he only has a limited time left on earth, and he shows dignity, hope and passion like you don't think possible at such a difficult time. It inspires me to always strive to be better."


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