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RTE Star Doireann Garrihy Shares Swimsuit of "Cruise Inspo"

Here’s how this presenter stays fit and happy.
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Irish TV presenter Doireann Garrihy is soaking up the sun in beautiful Greece while on a Mediterranean cruise. Garrihy, 31, shared a picture of herself relaxing on board with a cold drink, posing in a black and white swimsuit. "Seas the dzay 🌊 So excited to work with @royalcaribbeaneurope and take their 7 Day Greek Isle Cruise! All aboard #OdysseyOfTheSeas watch my stories / reels for cruise inspo but also please share cruising tips if you have them ☺️🐠🧜‍♀️🐬," she captioned the post. How does Garrihy stay so fit? Here are 5 ways she approaches wellness and happiness.


Working Out On Her Own Terms


Garrihy doesn't force herself into grueling workouts. "I'm a sporadic exerciser," she says. "I go through bouts of being really into it and then fall off the wagon and do nothing for six weeks.  But with a holiday coming up, I needed to force myself to do it.  Even thirty days seemed too big so I decided to go for twenty days of exercise instead! It's not about weight loss. It's about getting the headspace of relaxing, switching off and not being on my phone and it's getting easier to do."


Ocean Swimming

Garrihy loves swimming in the ocean. "[I'm happiest] when I'm sea swimming down in County Clare. Can't beat the Atlantic!" she says. The RTE star emphasizes how important it is to have a positive attitude every day. "To look back on every day, every week, every month (and so on) and be able to say 'I couldn't have done any better'. My Dad said it to me years ago and I think about it daily," she says.


Cooking and Fitness

Garrihy made good use of the pandemic lockdowns by working on her fitness and cooking. "I did a lot more complaining about it at the start than I do now," she says. "I've tried to use the time to be productive in small ways; exercising and cooking being the main ones. As someone who grabs food on the go a lot, the cooking has made me a whole lot more mindful of my food waste and managing that has been a real focus."


Honest About Social Media

Garrihy is honest about how social media doesn't always represent real life. "Angles can be deceiving!" she says. "Or not… someone wrote to me a few weeks ago asking how I managed to gain the weight so quickly… no words for some of the people in this world! Anyway I gained about 16 pounds over lockdown. Felt so [bad] about it at first but have been eating better and moving more the past few weeks and feel so much better."


Bronze Glow

Garrihy reaches for bronzer for a safe way to look tan and glowing. "My make-up must-have is Benefit Hoola Lite," she says. "The shade of the bronzer is perfect for winter months when I'm that bit paler. I try to avoid putting fake tan on my face as my skin is quite sensitive, so I lash this on if needs be. It also works really well for contouring. It's always in my bag! My go-to beauty treatment to feel amazing without makeup is an Image facial. I go to the new OSLO beauty salon in Arnotts, they do all of the IMAGE facial treatments and peels. Four or five days after the facial your skin feels amazing. You could almost never wear make-up again… almost."

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