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Samantha Ruth Prabhu in Workout Gear Does High Kick "One Day at a Time"

She captioned the post, “One day at a time.”

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a successful actress. She recently hit the gym for a workout. She shared a video of her session on Instagram. In it, Prabhu is seen in a green t-shirt and gray pants. She captioned the post, "One day at a time." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Samantha Ruth Prabhu  stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Bikes

Prabhu shares a lot of her favorite workouts on Instagram. One thing she likes to do is bike ride. She will even do it when it is cloudy out. She shared this video on Instagram of herself and some others going for a ride. Prabhu captioned the post, "Riding in the rain with the best company."


She Weight Trains

Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Instagram

Prabhu likes to weight train. She shared some of her favorite workouts in this video she posted on her Instagram. In it, she is seen doing squats with a barbell, hip thrusts with a barbell, deadlifts with hand weights, and Bulgarian split squats with hand weights. Prabhu captioned the post, "Switch it up. My Thursday routine with @brahmin_bull."


She Does Aerial Yoga

Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Instagram

One thing Prabhu does to stay in shape is aerial yoga. She shares a lot of photos of herself doing it on Instagram. In this photo, Prabhu is seen upside down in the silks. She captioned the post, "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go." Aerial yoga, like all forms of yoga, has a lot of benefits. Ace Fitness reports that a study shows that aerial yoga can help with heart health. "The study revealed that a single 50-minute session of Aerial Yoga burned an average of 320 calories and yielded cardiovascular effects in the range of low- to moderate-intensity exercise. Both of these findings suggest Aerial Yoga is an effective form of exercise for promoting good health. After the six-week long Aerial Yoga program, participants experienced significant improvements in several health risk factors such as body weight, body-fat percentage and blood pressure. The combined improvements in these risk factors suggest that participants reduced their risk for a cardiovascular heart disease event, such as a heart attack, by approximately 10 percent over the course of the six-week intervention."


She Works Out Without Equipment

Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Instagram

Prabhu likes to hit the gym or go outside to workout. But that's not the only way she does so. Prabhu also does equipment free exercises. In this video she posted on Instagram, she's seen doing an equipment free fitness challenge. She captioned the post, "Kickstart your 2022 with this no equipment 'level- up' challenge and feel the BURN 🤓🔥When my trainer @junaid.shaikh88 challenges me.. I challenge you 😜 .. let's do it #levelupchallenge."


She Works With A Trainer

Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Instagram

As she wrote in the previous post's caption, Prabhu works with a trainer to help herself stay in shape. Ace Fitness states that having a trainer has a lot of benefits. "Fitness can be confusing. There is a lot of information to sort through. Eat this, not that. Cardio before or after strength training? Your trainer can help you find credible information and provide direction on your fitness journey. A trainer can help remove the guesswork so you can put all your energy toward accomplishing your goals."

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