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Sanne Vloet In Workout Gear Says "Get Ready With Me" For Pilates

Work out like a Victoria’s secret model. 

Dutch model Sanne Vloet is sharing her at-home Pilates session with social media followers. Vloet, 29, shared a reel of herself wearing blue shorts and a matching sports bra, doing her morning routine before Pilates. "GRWM before at home Pilates session! @alowellness_ ☕️ morning essentials: – water for hydration – Iced coffee with almond milk – Vitamin c glow shot @alowellness_ – At home Soul Sync Body pilates workout," she captioned the post. Here's what Vloet's health and wellness regimen looks like. 


Morning Routine

Vloet starts her day with matcha tea. "I usually wake up around 6:30 / 7:00," she told Dr. Barbara Sturm. "I am a morning person and feel I am the most productive in the early hours. Dedicating the first hours in the morning to myself helps me to stay grounded throughout the day especially when I have a busy schedule. I take out my foam roller and will do stretches for about 15 minutes. Then I either do a Pilates workout, or I go take a shower and then do my morning skincare routine; my three essentials are the Dr. Barbara Sturm hyaluronic serum, face cream rich for my dry skin and the sun drops SPF 50."


Pilates Workouts

Vloet does Pilates four times a week. "I always feel better and energized," she told Stylecaster. "So even if I'm tired and I go work out, I know I'm going to feel better after. I always say to myself, "Did you ever regret that workout?" and if you think about it, nobody really does. So, then I think, 'OK. I'll go.'"


Protein Bars


Vloet keeps protein bars on hand for a healthy snack. "I love to snack with RX Protein bars," she told Stylecaster. "They have them in all different flavors and it's nice to change them up. I snack with nuts or rice crackers with avocado, a piece of fruit like an apple, or a little piece of dark chocolate."


Salads and Protein

Vloet loves a big salad for lunch. "My go-to lunch is a big salad with grilled veggies, a fresh herb dressing, avocado, chickpeas and a protein like egg, quinoa, salmon, or chicken," she told Dr. Barbara Sturm. "I also really enjoy tacos for lunch. I often use leftovers from dinner in a taco, you can basically put anything in there! I don't like to waste food. I really love Gjusta or Gjelina here in L.A. The quality of the ingredients is incredible, and everything is organic and mostly locally sourced. All the dishes taste so fresh. I also really enjoy Goop Kitchen here in Santa Monica!"


Lots of Home Cooking

Vloet loves cooking at home. "Honestly, I get a lot of inspiration from my travels," she told Dr. Barbara Sturm. "I would say my cooking style is a mix between Japanese dishes, Mediterranean and Indian! My ideal fall or winter dinner would be a grilled miso salmon, steamed kabocha squash, a kale salad and jasmine rice or a hearty vegan curry with chickpea and sweet potatoes."

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