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Sara Ali Khan in Green Workout Gear Says "Hold Your Core Tight"

“Start your day right, hold your core tight."

Indian actress Sara Ali Khan is giving her 45 million Instagram followers a look at what a typical core workout  looks like. Khan, 28, shared a video of herself wearing green shorts and a sports bra, doing slow, controlled abdominal exercises on a Pilates reformer machine. "Start your day right, hold your core tight. I shall invest in some more gym wear soon! Till then I'm more than happy in my green," reads the text over her post. Khan famously lost almost 90 pounds through diet and exercise—here's how the star keeps it off and focuses on her health.


Her Fitness Goals

Khan changes up her fitness goals depending on her work—for example, having to look a certain way for a certain role. "But my fitness endeavor started before the realization that I wanted to become an actor," she told Elle India. "My fitness goal is to wake up every morning and get in at least an hour of some form of exercise so I am a stronger and happier version of myself. I think the hormones that one has going after a good workout and just the feeling of satisfaction and conviction in yourself after a good workout is irreplaceable. That feel-good-serotonin that just rushes through your body is my goal."


Moody Day Workouts


Khan does specific workouts to lift her mood when she needs a boost. "Usually a swim or a boxing session helps,"  she told Elle India. "But if it's an extremely low day, and then I think a piece of chocolate that guilts me into working out even harder the next day keeps me going."


90-Pound Weight Loss


Khan lost almost 90 pounds and transformed her life. "My weight loss journey has been a profound learning experience, unveiling crucial insights into wellness and self-care," she told Lifestyle Asia. "The massive impact nutrition has on overall fitness has been my key takeaway from my journey. It is rightly said beauty truly begins in the kitchen. I have come to appreciate the nourishing power of natural ingredients for nurturing my skin from within."


Yoga, Meditation, and Self-Care

Khan has a holistic approach to health and beauty. "I think beauty tips are very subjective because it depends on how comfortable you are with the products you use," she told Lifestyle Asia. "But for me a couple of these things are essential on a daily routine basis – a good, nourishing shower gel with skin conditioners, an effective sunscreen and lots of water throughout the day. I usually keep an hour in the day to meditate or practice yoga which also lets me unwind and relax."


Her Fitness Advice

Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Khan has good advice for fitness beginners. "Don't get disappointed if you don't see immediate results, anything worth it takes time," she told Elle India. "Look good, feel good, work harder—I work out better when I look better so dress for yourself in the gym. Set a weekly target for yourself with a reward system, so you can keep going. Working out is just half the battle, eating right is as important. Change up your routine; body, mind and souls enjoy variation in workout!"

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