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Sarah Hyland in Swimsuit Says Hello to 2024 in New Post

She wants you to stop doing this to your eyebrows.

Modern Family and Love Island star Sarah Hyland believes the best is yet to come. Hyland, 33, shared a recap reel of last year, which included lots of fun-filled swimsuit shenanigans. "2023. There was lots of golf, some love on the beach, and more weddings than we could ever imagine. So grateful for our friends and family! Here's to an even better year in 2024 ✨," she captioned the post. Here's how Hyland de-stresses, and other things that make her happy.


Wine and Cuddles

Hylands schedule is crazy busy at the best of times, so prioritizing me-time is a must. "I spend time with Wells [Adams] and the dogs, I think. Just like sitting on a couch or laying in bed cuddling with them, having a glass of wine," she tells New Beauty. Just kind of being present with the things that I love the most, whether that be food or people or animals. I love grounding techniques where you go outside, and you're barefoot in the grass and just really appreciating Mother Earth and being outdoors. It sounds so woo-woo, but I think that that's really really important."


Eyebrow Rules

Sarah Hyland/Instagram

Hyland believes less is more when it comes to eyebrow maintenance. "Don't over pluck and don't get micro feathering or blading or anything like that," she tells New Beauty. "Just don't do it. I do my own brows and what I do is I pluck just the like strays down here and just keep it as thick as possible. I know that '90s brows are coming back, and I just don't know how I feel about it. I'm not here for it. No, thank you. My eyes are way too big already. Can you imagine what they would look like?"


Go-To Makeup Products

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Hyland isn't the most skilled makeup artist so she gravitates towards products that make it easy. "I really love Ilia," she tells Who What Wear. "The Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara ($28) is really amazing. I also love Merit. I'm not a makeup artist, and even though I like makeup, I am not good at doing it. Merit makes it easy—they make these complexion sticks, where it's like brush, brush, blend and then you go!"


Nature and Mental Health

Hyland is a proponent of grounding for mental health. "It's important to connect to the world around you," she tells Wild Elements. "I do this through grounding work, where you're just in nature barefoot and you can really connect with the Earth and the vibrations. I think it's so important to connect back to where we are, who we are, and to just kind of close off all of your brain, other than just your senses. How do you feel on the ground? What do you hear in the air? What do you smell? What can you see? I use this when I start having an anxiety attack or something similar."


Witchy Wind-Down Routine

Hyland's chill-out routine is distinctly witchy. "First, I take Sourse's Mood Bites ($34). It really helps calm you down, and they also have vitamin D3 and saffron, which are mood boosters, so they're really wonderful," she tells Who What Wear. "Saffron has some great benefits for the body. So I do that, then I light some palo santo or incense. I normally just lay in a circle of candles in the dark with my tarot cards and get witchy. Yeah, I'm into all of that. I'm a Sagittarius sun with a Scorpio rising."

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