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Sarah Nicole Landry In Workout Gear Says "Confidence is a Resistance"

She just walked the SI runway in Miami. 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Sarah Nicole Landry is sharing some fitness inspiration on her social media. Landry posted a picture of herself wearing black yoga pants and a matching sports bra, posing for selfies in front of the bathroom mirror. "Confidence is a resistance. ⁣Not a mastering. ⁣Not an absence of negative thoughts. ⁣A resistance. ⁣A showing up. ⁣A defiance against our own minds, at times. ⁣A step forward, when so much tells you to be still and stay put.⁣ A resistance," she captioned the post. Here's how the model and content creator stays strong and fit.


Positive Healthy Habits

Landry is careful to show her kids what positive health behavior looks like. "So, for me, it really just comes down to myself and what I want them to mirror," she told Health Insight. "This includes minding the way I talk about my body or others, the moral values around foods (nothing 'good' or 'bad') and being open and positive about sharing mental health or needs as they arise. It's also been finding movement daily that we can enjoy as a family!"


Wellness Matters

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Landry sees wellness as something holistic. "When we hear the word 'healthy', immediately our minds can go to food and fitness, when that's only two prongs of it!" she told Health Insight. "Our health includes our mental health, emotional health, intellectual health and more! So, we talk about all of it. Never creating value to where their health is so that if it's a "down day" in any one category, we just let it be that instead of having discussions over it being somehow bad or creating feelings of failure."


Practicing Gratitude

Landry is grateful for the community of women who helped get her where she is. "I wouldn't be able to be a creator without other women who showed me the way, who taught me their tips and tricks, who connected me with others,"  she told DIVINE. "It can sometimes feel like competition, but community prevails. By supporting each other, women have paved the way for content creation as a leading industry!"


Sleep Hygiene


Landry knows how important sleep is for health and wellness. "Sleep is such a big pillar of our overall health, and I've worked hard to improve my sleep hygiene," she told Health Insight. "When we were working with a sleep coach for our baby, she said something to me that changed my whole perspective when she said that a sleep deficit takes time to repair, so you can't just have ONE good night's sleep and expect to feel energized. It takes time and effort, repeatedly, to chip away at that sleep deficit!"


Love Yourself

Landry wants women to love themselves no matter what they look like. "Society has given women this burden of distraction by our bodies and our appearance," she told DIVINE. "If we are never enough, and we busy ourselves trying to be. But think about what we could do with all that time and energy? My advice is to find ways to get less distracted and get focused on the best parts of life, and the life that is happening around you. We only get one."

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