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Scary Spice Mel B In Workout Gear Shares "Go-To" Workout Routine

Here are her fitness and lifestyle tips.

Spice Girl Mel B (real name Melanie Brown) is showing fans what her typical exercise routine looks like. The 48-year-old singer shared a video of herself wearing leggings and a sports bra, doing an at-home workout that included jumping rope, weights, and cardio. "My go-to workout routine for when I need to clear my mind 💪 for me it's as much about physical health as it is mental! I'll be sharing more of my favorite workouts over the next few weeks as well as my recovery training which includes some much needed self-care 💚," she captioned the post. Here's what Mel's wellness and fitness regimen looks like.


Back In Spice Girl Shape

Mel B does weight training sessions twice a week as well as lots of walking and hiking. "The main thing for me is doing like really good weightlifting and having my form correct," she told Women's Health. "And that can really change your body shape – and change, like, how your muscles and how your skin firms up, which is what I've done. And then I feel like this time round – because it is more of like part of my lifestyle – I've really got to reap the benefits of it because I feel like I've got way more energy. I feel like my body is now looking like it did when I first was in the Spice Girls. So, I'm kind of getting back to basics again, both physically and mentally."


Ice Baths

Mel B is a big fan of regular ice baths. "The thought behind it is that by putting yourself into a really stressful situation and controlling your breathing, you can send signals to your body to tell it that you're actually not in a stressful situation and you're okay," she told Glamour. "So you don't go into flight-or-fight mode. You can sit in an ice bath and breathe really calmly. Your body benefits so much; it makes your blood circulation healthier, lowers the risk for heart failure. It gets all your toxins out and it just gives you that vitality."


Love the Skin You're In

Mel B's best advice to her daughters is not to get too swept up in social media imagery. "I got brought up the same way that I'm bringing my kids up," she told Glamour. "You have to feel good about yourself. You have to love the skin that you're in. And if you don't like something about yourself, if you can't physically change it, you just have to learn to love it. You have to absolutely learn to love yourself. It's the classic saying, love yourself before anybody else could even begin to love you."


Confident Campaign

Mel B is thrilled about the results of her partnership with clothing brand Pour Moi. "I love working the Own Your Confidence campaign with Pour Moi, it's all about feeling fabulous, feeling confident and celebrating women of all shapes, sizes and ages," she told Women's Health. "It's about being real, not being edited and not taking ourselves too seriously. I love that it was a collaborative experience – it was my idea to include my mum and my daughter at the shoot and we had so much fun!" I love their lingerie and swimwear and how it makes me feel."


Meditation and Healing

Mel B is an advocate for women who have survived abusive relationships, and says she has never felt happier. "Obviously, I'm still on my healing path and it's going to be an ongoing thing," she told Miami Living. "Just taking care of myself, meditating, doing my reiki and eating well. I actually couldn't be happier right now. I know there are more happier times to come, but right now I'm in a really good place and it's taken me a long time to even get to this place, so I'm thankful."


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