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Selena Samuela in Two-Piece Workout Gear is a "Queen"

She shares a lot of her fitness journey on Instagram.

Selena Samuela is a Peloton instructor. She shares a lot of her fitness journey on Instagram. Last week, she shared a photo on her page of herself posing in workout gear. She captioned the post, "@onepeloton fam take this poll : Are you…" Samuela's followers answered the prompt and complimented her in the comments. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Selena Samuela stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Golfs

Samuela is learning how to golf, and is sharing her progress on Instagram. She captioned this video, "In this lesson I learned that your golf grip can have a massive effect on your ball striking, and from what I gather, all of our grips will vary slightly depending on how we move. For me, strengthening my grip helped me close the club face more as I got closer to impact. This was one of those lessons where I fell in love with golf all over again, I'm so fascinated by the complexity of the sport. There's something exciting about being fairly new at something (I picked up golf in 2020) I feel like I'm just scratching the surface and I'm so excited to see what comes next and what I'm going to learn next! To my golfers out there, do you favor a certain grip?"


She Works Her Lower Body

Samuela shares her Peloton classes on Instagram. In this video, she teaches her lower body class. Samuela captioned it, "My Pow3r 4. Let's talk Glutes & Legs! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, lower body training is a MUST! I intentionally design my G&L classes to make it make sense for YOU. Functional, real life applicable moves targeting specific muscle groups, to boost strength, and enhance endurance. From balance and stability work, to explosive plyometrics as well as controlled strength moves, I got you."


She Snowboards

Samuela loves to snowboard to stay in shape. She shared this post on Instagram of herself on the slopes. Samuela captioned the post, "Some days are sunny radiant days, some days are cloudy and stormy and the best we're gonna get is a light dusting of powder to weave our boards through… but the weaving is magic, and the magic is a gas, a thrill, a pure delight. What a wonderful way to end the winter months with my dear, sweet family, in one of the most majestic states in the union. Utah. I'm in love."


She Horseback Rides

Samuela likes to horseback ride. She shared this video on Instagram of herself riding on a ranch. She captioned the post, "Just thinking about how I'm gonna do more horsey things in New Mex with my sis @biancafrancescas this year, because it feels GREAT, horses have such magical spirits and family is everything, and we should always try to make space for the things that feel GREAT… PS should we get Torin on a pony?"


She Runs

Samuela likes to run. Both on the treadmill and in races. She shared this video on Instagram of herself in a race. She captioned the post, "First race as a new mama! 10 months has flown by on this mama journey and I have a lot of feelings I can't put into words yet. I'm thrilled. I'm proud. And I'm very much looking forward to playing more golf and running shorter faster runs 🦈 😆 thank you sooooo much to all the folks who came out to support! My @onepeloton fam you are so incredible. I love you all so much!"

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