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Selling Sunset's Maya Vander In Workout Gear Says "It's Pisces Season!"

Here are her health and fitness tips.

Selling Sunset star Maya Vander is celebrating her birthday (the reality star turned 42 on March 12!) with a friend, getting a birthday workout done at the gym. Vander shared a video of herself wearing orange workout gear, telling fans she just got Botox for the first time. "Let the birthday celebrations begin!! 😉 Who else is a Pisces? ♓ #piscesseason ," she captioned the post. Here's how Vander is thriving in her post-Selling Sunset life.


Vegetarian Diet


Vander enjoys a vegetarian diet with lots of fruit and herbs. "Before my kids are up, the first thing I do is come to the kitchen and make myself a nice cup of coffee," she told Cosmopolitan. "As you can see we have a lot of cabinet space, a big counter top… and I'm obsessed with my basil plants. If you come to my refrigerator you will never see a shortage of vegetables and fruit since I'm vegetarian and it's my daily nutrition."


At Home Workouts

Vander has standing bikes and a Pilates reformer machine in her guest bedroom. "We just purchased those awesome bikes and I have my Pilates reformer machine, so this is where we work out," she told Cosmopolitan. "I love it because this is my time to zone out for 30/40 minutes and just clear my mind and get a good workout."


Time Blocking

Vander and her husband Dave Miller work hard to balance family and work. "We don't have a nanny, it's just me and my husband," she told SheKnows. "So I think time blocking is very important. I really try to prioritize what's important, what I need to absolutely get done by like, 4:35 pm when my kids are back from school, and then obviously in real estate I have to do showings on the weekend, but I try to literally do it in like two hours so I could spend the rest of the day with the kids and do fun activities with them. Time blocking is key."


Real Estate Advice

Vander encourages anyone wanting to succeed in real estate to put the work in and do their homework. "You have to put in the hours; you have to dedicate yourself to the business and be consistent because it takes time," she told H3R Magazine. "This business is like a roller coaster: some deals are difficult, and some are not easy to close. I wish it was as easy as it seems on the show. Yes, we have easy clients here and there, but most take more than just a phone call to close the deal. On top of working as a realtor, you will also become a therapist: a friend who listens to the clients' needs, and who knows how to solve problems."


Selling Sunset Drama

Vander wasn't happy about her scenes being cut on Selling Sunset. "I get it—I don't provide the drama or crazy outfits and fashion," she told Women's Health. "I'm really just there for real estate and the show focused on things besides real estate. I would love to be a part of the show, but it's less than ideal for me to put in all this effort and then you see the finished product and I'm barely in it. I sacrifice a lot, but I get it. The audience wants to see more drama vs. 'here's Maya selling a house…'"

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