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Senada Greca in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Top Exercise for Glutes"

"Love / hate relationship with these but they’re so good."

Senada Greca is revealing her go-to glute-busting exercise.  \In a new social media post the influencer shows off her hot body in a two-piece workout ensemble while demonstrating an effective exercise for building up your booty. "One of my Top exercises for Glutes – Bulgarian Split Stance RDLs – love / hate relationship with these but they're so good. The burn is too real," she writes in the post. How does Kim Kardashian's trainer approach diet and fitness? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Healthy Diet

In one of her Instagram videos, Senada gave her followers a glimpse of her daily diet. Breakfast consisted of four scrambled eggs with pita, tzatziki, cucumber, and tomato salad. For lunch, she had mixed greens, sweet potato, broccoli, tomatoes, avocado, goat cheese, double salmon, olive oil, and lemon. After her workout she made a protein shake made with plant milk and chocolate protein, and cacao. And for dinner, a Caesar salad with double the portion of grilled chicken and "way too much dressing," she joked. For a snack she ate some blueberries and raspberries.


"Flexible" Eating

Senada described herself as a "flexible eater" to Glamour. "My main focus is getting enough protein daily; carbs and fats fill the rest of my macros, which I intuitively track. I suggest that most people do track their macros, especially in the beginning of their fitness journey, so as to learn what the proper way of feeding ones' self looks like."


Water with Lemon


Senada enjoys a morning gut-cleanser. "I wake up daily at 6:30AM. First thing I do after washing up, is have a full glass of room temperature water with half a lemon," she told Ryder Wear.



Senada takes "a holistic approach" to fitness "as we are more than a mechanically moving body. Our minds and souls need as much caring as our bodies. I have found that caring for our body in a mindful way, cares for our mind and soul as well. Allowing ourselves to listen to our body's signals, moving mindfully, not only can be a great tool in injury prevention, but also maximizing our physical and mental performance," she explained Women's Best. For her, yoga is not only "a means to help with my balance and mobility," but "also as a time to quiet my mind and turn my attention inward," she says. 



Senada also gets her zen on. "Meditation is that other component that we rarely think of or make time for, but even a few minutes, as little as 5 minutes of meditation a day, can have a huge positive impact on our psyche and in turn our body as well. If we're in a great mental and spiritual space, we're able to perform better in all aspects of life." 


Enjoying Exercise

Senada is a "sincere believer that fitness and movement should be an inseparable part of someone's life," she told Glamour South Africa. "We were born to be active, born to be mobile. She encourages "people to make movement fun and interesting, and in turn sustainable. All someone needs to do is take a digital stroll through my Instagram to see loads of novelty and get excited to try out new effective exercises." Doing the same workout daily is what makes "people fall off the proverbial wagon" and that they instead should "constantly seek growth," she continues. "This means doing things like trying new movements that push us out of our comfort zone, finding a new recipe that is not typical to what we normally eat, and changing our routine."