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Serena Williams Shows Off Legs and Core Strength in Pilates Workout 

Here is everything you need to know about Pilates.

Serena Williams is showing off her leg and core strength – in her workout clothes. In a new social media post the GOAT tennis star shows off her incredible physique while doing a Pilates workout on a reformer. "LISTEN – I stay on 'ready set' in case I have to RUN 🏃🏿‍♀️ and grab baby @adiraohanian …. But until then – burn inner thighs, BURN," she captioned the workout clip, set to the tune Eye of the Tiger. What do you need to know about Pilates – and should you try it? Celebwell has all the details. 


Pilates Was Initially Used as a Recovery Method for Dancers

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Joseph Pilates created the workout in the early 20th century, according to Cleveland Clinic. A dancer himself, the workout was initially intended as a recovery method for dancers, as they are prone to injuries. However, over the last several decades Pilates transitioned into a mainstream method. 


There Are Mat and Reformer Pilates


"Some of the principles that guide the Pilates method include concentration on each movement, use of the abdomen and low back muscles, flowing, precise movement patterns and controlled breathing," explains the Cleveland Clinic. Pilates can be done on both a mat and a reformer, which Williams uses in the video. 


People like Pilates Because It Doesn't "Bulk You Up"

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While generally known as an exercise to lean you out, Pilates is actually considered a form of strength training. While it doesn't focus on building muscle, it does help improve muscle tone and help with stability and endurance. "Pilates isn't going to bulk you up — if anything, it's designed to cultivate a longer, leaner look," explains the Cleveland Clinic. "Still, it can lay a strong physical foundation for muscle-building activities — and may even reduce your likelihood of injury."


Benefits of Pilates

There are many benefits to doing Pilates, according to the Mayo Clinic. It "strengthens the body's inner core while increasing its flexibility resulting in improved overall health," they say. It can also promote longer, leaner muscles, injury prevention, relief from stress and back pain, enhanced athletic performance, and heightened mind-body awareness.


Lots of Research Supports Pilates


Pilates is a research-backed workout, Pilates exercises are designed to increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, and to improve posture and balance, according to science. 


Serena Has Been Doing Pilates for Many Years

In a 2010 interview with Vogue, Serena discussed why she does Pilates. "When I'm not playing tennis, I like to do yoga and Pilates…I don't like to run," she revealed. 

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