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Sex/Life Star Wallis Day Shares Bathing Suit Photo In the "Summer Sun"

Here are her vegan lifestyle tips.

Sex/Life star Wallis Day embraced her inner Bond Girl during a trip to Monaco. Day, who played Gigi on the show, shared a very glamorous picture of herself wearing a red bikini, posing on a dock with blue skies and a yacht in the background. "Summer sun 🌞," she captioned the sultry snap. "Gorgeous as always," a fan commented. Here's what Day's wellness regimen looks like, and why she chose a vegan lifestyle.


Running and Tennis

Day doesn't find working out to be a chore. "I'm lucky I love exercise. If I've got time between scenes, I'll go for a run; it makes me feel good, gives me energy and time to think," she says. "I go to the gym and I love swimming and tennis. Mum always told me not to diet because you yo–yo. I've a massive sweet tooth and love cocktails, but I feel kind of dirty inside if I don't have good food. When I eat better, I've more energy. I eat lots of salads, veg and grilled chicken and I love fish."


Go-To Makeup


Day is diligent about taking her makeup off before bed. "I have to wear mascara or I look naked," she says. "Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition really accentuates and separates my lashes. It makes them look curly, thick and longer, but still natural. I hate the fake look. Always take off make–up before bed – even if you're drunk. When I was younger my mum told me it ages your face by eight days each night if you don't."


Vegan Cooking

Day went vegan in 2017. "The benefits of being vegan for both animals and the environment was just overwhelming, and I realized that making such a small change to my life could make such a huge impact on everything else around me," she says. "I love cooking! Like eggplant and Thai green curry from scratch. I actually find cooking really therapeutic. For my Thai green curry I use my mom's recipe! My parents are vegan as well, so it's been passed down in the family."


Vegan Beauty


Day uses vegan beauty and skincare products. "Most of the stuff I use is vegan — I use Drunk Elephant, I use Glossier," she says. "I cleanse when I'm in the shower, and I normally use the Glossier Milk Jelly. And then usually when I come out I'll do a Drunk Elephant face mask to hydrate my skin so I'm primed and prepped. And then I always put Sun Bum [sunscreen] on in the morning so I'm set up for the day… and then I use this really light as well that keeps me glowing and fresh and ready for the day."


Aging Gracefully

Gigi says she would never rule out cosmetic surgery, but wants to age in a natural way. "I'd never say no, but I strongly believe in growing old gracefully," she says. "I think you should be happy with what you've been given and make the most of what you've got – it's beautiful to someone."

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