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Shakira in Black Crop Top and Yoga Pants Shows Off Her Dance Moves

Five ways Shakira stays in shape. 

Known for her incredible talent and of course, her iconic abs and hips, Shakira has been wowing fans for years with her Grammy award-winning voice and hypnotic moves. The 46-year-old is gearing up for her 2024 world tour that spans two dozen countries and showed off her seductive dancing skills in a sexy black top and high-waisted tight black pants. The mom of two has worked with the same trainer Anna Kaiser, for 13 years now and has relied on the fitness guru to get her into shape for every big event and tour. In a recent interview with POPSUGAR, Kaiser revealed how the Columbian singer gets her infamous figure. 


She Always Finds Time to Work Out

Shakira doesn't skip workouts, and will always squeeze in a few every week. "I think for all of us busy moms, the challenge is really scheduling and fitting everything in," Kaiser said. "[Shakira has] been great about keeping up her virtual workouts and making sure that she focuses on staying active . . . She's really busy, and we're doing our best to keep up with workouts three to four days a week."


There's Usually a Dance Component to Her Workouts

Dance is typically part of the superstar's workout routine, according to her trainer. "The dance [component] is so important [for Shakira] to stay connected to her movement, her body, and get her mind off of work," Kaiser said. "You can be so present when you're doing a dance workout. It's great for creating new neural pathways and mental stamina." She added, "There's a shift for people sort of away from cardio, but cardio's really important done the right way. And dance is a great way to integrate and challenge your brain while you're also training your body."


She's Consistent

Shakira stays focused on her fitness goals even with a busy schedule. "There's a lot going on [for Shakira], so it helps with energy, it helps with stress and anxiety relief, it just puts you in a better mood overall," Kaiser stated. "And staying strong for all the activities that she has is really important so that she can continue to do what she needs to do and have the energy to do that."


She Does Low-Impact Strength Exercises


Building muscle after 40 takes more effort kaiser explained, so she does strength training with Shakira two to three times a week. "The easiest thing to fit in is low-intensity sustained cardio sessions," Kaiser said — think: walking on a treadmill, going for a run, doing a cycling class — "but the most important thing to fit in is strength."


She Focuses on Compound Moves


Compound exercises target multiple muscles and Kaiser explained, "Most of the work I do is focused on full-body compound movement, not working individual muscles because your body works as a whole being and not as a combination of parts." She added, "Shakira still gets some of those benefits, including "energy, circulation, mental clarity, and happy factor, as well as challenging your muscle power level and burning off calories." 

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