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Shanaya Kapoor in Two-Piece Workout Gear Cuddles Puppy "In Between Fittings"

Here are her lifestyle and beauty tips.

Bollywood star Shanaya Kapoor likes to squeeze a workout in whenever she can, including on days when she has to go through fittings for work. Kapoor, 24, shared pictures of herself posing in a white tank top, hat, and pink workout shorts, cuddling one of her beloved dogs in her arms. "In between fittings … 💋," she captioned the post. Kapoor has a well-balanced approach to health, fitness, and beauty—here's how she stays fit and strong.


Dance Workouts

Shanaya Kapoor/Instagram

Kapoor enjoys workouts that are fun, including dance classes. "I always start my day by chugging a glass of water, then freshen up, do my skincare routine, have my smoothie and hit the gym," she told iDiva. "Some mornings, I also ice my face. It wakes me up! I like to switch it up and do weights with functional training at the gym. For cardio, I prefer learning a number of dance forms instead of hopping on a treadmill. This way, it doesn't get too monotonous."


Glowing Skin

Kapoor believes your diet shows in your looks. "Only when you eat right and keep clean from within can your skin look healthy and glowing," she told ANI. "I try to include as many greens as possible, fried and sugary items are restricted to only special occasions. One thing I cannot stop stressing about having ample water, it helps cleanse your body from within and skin clear from acne, pimples etc."


Lots of Liquids

Kapoor keeps her skin well-hydrated for a healthy glow. "My mom's [Maheep Kapoor] been my biggest cheerleader and always has the best advice to give," she told iDiva. "Growing up, she used to always push me to drink lots and lots of liquids. The most important thing is to keep your body hydrated and your skin will automatically thank you for it. She has also helped inculcate the practice to check and always make informed decisions about what I'm applying on my skin."


Avocado Lover


Kapoor loves using avocado for health and wellness. "I love all things natural, but home remedies tend to get very messy… so instead I am always on the lookout for products that have natural ingredients in them," she told ANI. "My go-to ingredient has been avocado – I think it's a superfood for not just skin but also hair! Every time I have used avocado, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and glowy."


Self-Care Time

Kapoor always makes time to relax and connect with herself. "Self-care to me is simply taking time out for yourself and indulging in the things you love," she told iDiva. "I take my me-time very seriously—whether it's unwinding with a good movie and iced coffee, playing with my dogs, spending time with my friends or random makeup sessions when I'm feeling experimental. I work very hard but also feel that pampering yourself is just as important!"

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