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Shanina Shaik In Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Gym Selfie From Australia 

“Home looks good on you,” a fan commented.

Shanina Shaik is sharing a few highlights from a recent trip home to Australia (yes, she even got to pet some kangaroos!) on her social media. Shaik, 33, posted pictures from the trip, including a gym selfie where she's posing in black leggings and a crop top. "Some time at home," she captioned the post. "Home looks good on you," a fan commented. Here's what Shaik's beauty and wellness regimen looks like, and why she swears by Pilates-based workouts.


Pilates Workouts

Shaik is a big fan of low-impact workouts, especially Pilates. "I have a few favorite trainers whom I've enjoyed following over some time now, including Melissa Wood, Megan Roup of Sculpt Society, and Shannon Nadj of Hot Pilates," she told Hum Nutrition. "It's extremely motivating to follow their workouts, even from the comfort of home. I usually gravitate toward workouts that incorporate a lot of Pilates. My favorite moves are making small circles and stretching your legs with ankle bands. Lastly, I like to use a resistance band, pointing your feet and pulsing up and down; it's great for the inner and outer thighs."


Pescatarian Diet

Shaik follows a pescatarian diet. "I love to eat healthy and strive to eat clean as much as I can," she told Vogue Australia. "I'm a pescatarian but also choose to eat a lot of vegan meals. For breakfast I would like to have egg, vegetable scramble or cheesy eggs scramble using vegan nut cheese. As a side, avocado or smoked salmon. For lunch I would love a vegan wrap (preferably gluten free) or fish with vegetables."


Home Cooking


Shaik cooks as much as possible, which is a great way to take control of a healthy diet and know exactly what ingredients are in your food. "I love cooking a variety of meals, but roasted fish and pastas are my favorite," she told Hum Nutrition. "And since I have the extra time now, I've been testing my cooking skills. I built the courage to make Avgolemono, my favorite Greek soup with lemon, chicken, and rice. My mum usually cooks for me, and nothing beats mum's cooking! If I need to be extra healthy, I'll make a plate of 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent protein. Also, I'll cook with coconut oil instead of olive oil. For when I want to indulge healthily, I'll reach for gluten-free pasta or dairy-free ice cream."


Wellness Mantra

Shaik's wellness routine is focused on regular exercise, self-care, and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. "To stay positive, do things that make you happiest," she told Hum Nutrition. "Whenever possible, I go for long-distance hikes with my dogs. Also, surround yourself with people who you enjoy and love, eat well and indulge in moderation, and find a workout that's right for you. And of course, always take your vitamins!"


Skincare Routine

Shaik keeps her skincare routine simple but thorough. "I consistently look after my skin from the moment I wake up and go to bed," she told Vogue Australia. "In the morning I wash my face with cold water, followed by cleansing my face with Dr. Barbara Sturm's Cleanser. After this, I use a toner. I place a small amount onto a cotton pad and press into my skin. From there I use three droplets of Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum and rub the serum gently all over my face."

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