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Shayna Baszler in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Fight Prep"

“Fight week prep involves making sure your body stays together..."

Shayna Bazler is one of the most successful female fighters of all time. She started out in MMA, before transitioning to the WWE. Bazler won the NXT Championship twice. In a recent Instagram post, she shared how she trains for fights. In it, Bazler is seen doing squat jumps with weights, swinging and throwing weighted balls, and doing leg lifts with a kettlebell. She captioned the post, "Fight week prep involves making sure your body stays together while you're tossing fools on their head." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Shayna Bazler stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Wants To Promote Women


In an interview with The National News, Bazler talked about the importance of highlighting women's wrestling. "It is more historic then we are going to comprehend until later on in the future. I think it so important. We all know how important it is for it to be successful and I think the way we are now, with all the women focused on elevating women's wrestling as a whole."


She's Authentic

Bazler is all about being authentic. She tells The National News that this is why she has so many supporters. "Now with Evolution and seeing the change that it can affect. And then personally getting messages and being tagged in tweets by mums with their daughters and how encouraging it was and how I'm an inspiration. And that is crazy to me. It is something in the back of my mind constantly now. You do not realise the effect on change you can have by just being you and I think if there is anyone listening to this out there that matters to you can change the world simply by being you. Be authentically you. It is not something I went out of my way to do. I am just me. I love rock and roll and loved getting on wrestling mats since I was six and I have never been ashamed of it."


She's Flexible

Bazler shared some of her fitness secrets with Muscle and Fitness. She says that when she's traveling, she needs to be flexible. "The hardest part about the crazy schedule that we have now, is maintaining fitness. Let's say we are on the road keeping a diet and [trying to get] workouts. A lot of times, I don't know what a gym has to offer. Say we go to a city, Philadelphia or somewhere, I don't know what equipment the gym has available. So, I'll have an idea of what I want to train, like upper body, but then I have to have a very flexible plan based on the equipment that is available."


She Ignores The Haters

Bazler has had to deal with a lot of negativity throughout her career. However, she tells Bloody Elbow that she knows how to handle it. "The onslaught of hatred that me and my friends got in MMA that also prepared us, because I think it was just the beginning of social media becoming this hot huge thing. Like you could finally start using social media to make your brand and stuff when I was first in the UFC. So, I think having all that happen then, on a not-as-visible scale—although at the time I thought like it was the whole world—I think it makes me a little less inclined to be bothered by social media today. Because I've been there, done that. What else is new, you know what I mean?"


She's Consistent

Bazler tells Muscle and Fitness that one of her biggest wellness secrets is staying consistent. "Typically, if we are not on the road travelling, we train daily in the ring [at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando] and we have strength and conditioning sessions daily. Then [in NXT], we're performing at least Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Florida area. We are constantly on the go."

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