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Shotzi Blackheart in Workout Gear is a "Queen"

“My day one! Happy birthday to the most bodacious babe ever!"

Shotzi Blackheart is a successful wrestler. In May, she shared a post on Instagram celebrating her friend and fellow wrestler, Scarlett Bordeaux's birthday. Blackheart shared photos of the two of them together. She captioned the post, "My day one! Happy birthday to the most bodacious babe ever! @realscarlettbordeaux looking through these photos gives me chills. There really isn't anything we cant do together. Your talent, intelligence, confidence and motivation absolutely inspire me. Thank you for always being my favorite shoulder to cry on. From signing to nxt the same day, to you signing my wedding certificate as my witness! We have been through so much and I can't wait to see what we do next! I love you!" How does she stay so fit? Read on.


She Swims

While on a trip to Mexico, Blackheart did some swimming. In this set of highlight photos she posted, she is seen in flippers and by the water. The Mayo Clinic says spending time in water has a lot of benefits. "Aquatic exercise is a fun way to focus on fitness in a gravity-reduced environment. The buoyancy of water is easier on the body and provides support for people with weakness, balance problems or pain. Additionally, the viscosity of water slows movement and provides resistance during exercise, making aquatic exercise a great workout."


She Uses A Stationary Bike


To help herself recover from an injury, Blackheart used a stationary bike. She shared a video of herself doing so on her Instagram story highlight. Penn State PRO Wellness states that using a stationary bike is a great cardio workout. "Cycling is an excellent way to get your heart pumping. Cardiovascular or aerobic workouts, such as cycling, strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. They also improve the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body."


She Spends Time With Animals

Shotzi Blackheart/Instagram

If you take one look at Blackheart's Instagram, you can easily see that she loves spending time with animals. Christian Health New Jersey states that this has a lot of health benefits. "Animals help many people feel at ease. Those living with anxiety or dealing with agitation caused by dementia or other illnesses can benefit from animal therapy to calm their nerves and promote relaxation."


She Speaks Out Against Sexism

Blackheart spoke out about sexism in wrestling, particularly with intergender wrestling in an interview. "Number one, if you don't have Intergender wrestling on your show, if you refuse to have it, you're like, no, Uhuh, you are sexist point blank, because the same shows that will put 110 pound dude against a 250 pound dude won't book me against a dude who is about my size. And I find that absolutely sexist that you think that us girls can't handle it. So I just think it's a new age. Everyone knows wrestling is entertainment, so let's just look at it like that because let me tell you, I can entertain a crowd with a man on the other side of the ring and to tell me that I can't."


She's Supportive

Blackheart notably shaver her head, and she revealed to Wrestling News that she did it to support her sister through cancer treatments. "My sister was going through chemotherapy and she started losing her hair. She told me that she didn't want to wait for it to all fall out. She was going to shave it off. I immediately went to Hunter and was like, 'Hey, my sister's going through chemo. I want to support her. I want to be there for her. I want to shave my hair off too. Can we make it not weird and make it part of a storyline so I don't just show up one day with no hair', and he was totally for it."

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