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SI Swimsuit Model Joely Live Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Summers Over"

This is how she stays in shape.

Joely Live is a host, best known for her work with Young Hollywood and in the sports world. She's also a model who's worked with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Live shared some highlights from her summer on Instagram this week. In one photo, she tanned by the pool. Live captioned the post, "Summer's over." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Joely Live stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Knows What People Want

Live talked about her career in an interview with the Man To Man Podcast. In it, she says that she knows what people want, and creates her content based on it. Live specifically cites the show Outer Banks. "I did throwbacks because we're supposed to be interviewing them coming up, so obviously I know they're trending, so I just throw them up there because it's going."


She Works On Not Being Nervous

Live has interviewed a lot of impressive people, including Peyton Manning. She talked about how she preps and gets those interviews in her Man To Man interview. "With Peyton, I was nervous to say something to get him to come over. I'm afraid of rejection, but once he said yes, I was fine. Not nervous, 'okay, we're just going to chop it up kind of thing.' Even though it's Peyton Manning, and same with Sauce Gardner, same with Tyreek Hill. Once you get the yes and they're down to talk, it's like, 'okay, well then it's chill. It's fine.'"


She Doesn't Gamble


Live tells Man To Man that she doesn't like to gamble. "I never literally never have. I'll go to Vegas and watch everybody. I hung out with friends afterwards that were in town for it and just watched them gamble. But I'm not good with money like that. I'm not just going to give it up. I'm not a risk taker with money." 


She Networks

Live says that she did a lot of networking to get to where she is today. "I knew of Young Hollywood beforehand," she said on Man To Man. "I watched a lot of the interviews. I wanted to get it to the space. And then just emailed everybody and their mother when I got out here and then got a meeting with the CEO O off of just networking, reaching out and stuff like that."


She Works Hard

Live has a good work ethic. She talked about this in an interview on "I've been working my entire life," says Live. "I started modeling when I was 5. I lived in upstate New York and would take road trips three times a week with my mom and dad for model castings. I did a Barbie ad, the cover of Newsweek, and even Vogue a couple of times."

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