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Sister Wives' Christine Brown Shares Swimsuit Photo From Cruise

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Christine Brown is cruisin' through life in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the Sister Wives star shows off her amazing, slimmed-down figure in a bathing suit and cover up as she poses for a photo with her new husband, David Woolley, and "sister wife" Janelle Brown. "In the very beginning of our relationship, I told David that Janelle and her kids are part of me. Not as in we were living polygamy again, but she's my Sisterwife, always. Of course, they get along great. Vacationing with all of us is awesome," she captioned the photo of the trio, taken while on a Celebrity cruise. "Christine!!! You LOOK FANTASTIC!!!!! The glow and happiness is evident! You're inspiring!" commented one of her followers. "The outfit!!! The smile!!! Get it girl!!!! Yessss!" another added. How did the reality star get into the best shape of her life? Celebwell rounded up her top health habits.


She Does Health Resets

Christine is a big fan of doing health resets. "21-day Health Reset happening now! Weight loss, mental clarity, better mood, balanced blood sugar, hormone support, better sleep, decrease sugar cravings and so much more!!" she captioned a post. 


She Eats for Her Blood Type

When asked by a fan how she lost weight she gave a two-part answer. "I eat for my blood type," she responded. When asked how she discovered the diet she said, "I've read about it for years and I just did it."


She Exercises

Chrstine also responded that she added workouts to her routine. "I feel amazing and making 2023 my year! Everyone has the potential to feel their best – you just need to decide to take that one small step forward," she captioned a post earlier this year, rowing on a machine and doing ab work. "Progress is progress. Commit to your day one and don't look back!"


She Hydrates

Christine also hydrates. "Sippin' coconut water straight from the source! DELICIOUS! We left a beach totally exhausted and had a lovely and refreshing drink at a local stand," she captioned a post. 


Plexus Pink Drink

Christine claims that Plexus Slim Pink Drink helped her get into shape. 

"I drank it and I liked it, so I wanted more.

Then I noticed some health improvements.

Then I noticed some physical improvements.

Then my fam & friends commented on my improvements.

So I told people about what was contributing to my improvements.

Then people wanted what I had.

Then those same people noticed improvements and told their people about what was contributing to their improvements.

One decision rippled into soooo much goodness. Think about yourself in those shoes

You don't know what will happen until you try," she captioned a post about how the drink changed her life. 

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