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Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis In Workout Gear Shares Weight Training Session

“This combo gets and keeps your heart rate up during the whole circuit."

Olympic snowboarding champion Lindsey Jacobellis is sharing one of the strength-building workouts that make her such a force to be reckoned with. Jacobellis, 38, posted a video if herself using weights and a row machine at the gym. "This combo gets and keeps your heart rate up during the whole circuit  1️⃣1 minute on the row machine  2️⃣Kettlebell swings  3️⃣Hamstring Lift(slight bend in knees)," she captioned the post. Here's how Jacobellis stays fit, happy, and strong.


Four Eggs For Breakfast


Jacobellis fuels her workouts and training with a big, protein-and-fat-packed breakfast. "If it is a day that I will be in the gym then I have a big breakfast," she told Women Fitness. "I have four eggs with mushrooms and onions on a rice cracker and lots of hot sauce….and coffee is a must. On an aerobic day I can eat lighter in the am, so it might just have avocado toast or granola."


SPF and Haircare

Lindsey Jacobellis/Instagram

Jacobellis spends a lot of time outside, so a good SPF is a must. "I have been fortunate to have Paul Mitchell as my longest running sponsor and they have educated me on my hair care routine and always have new products to help keep my hair hydrated and strong as I face all the elements throughout the year," she told Women Fitness. "My favorite Paul Mitchell product for my hair is the Forever Blonde line. For my face… a lot of sunscreen."


Running With Her Pup

Lindsey Jacobellis/Instagram

Jacobellis works out with her Yorkshire Terrier Gidget whenever possible. "I love walking on the beach with Gidget," she told Whistle. "And skateboarding, she loves running next to me when I skate and she can even pull me! [My summer routine is] wake up, make some coffee and walk Gidget, do some sort of cardio (run, surf, swim and depending on the distance I might take Gidget) go to the gym, do work in the afternoon, walk Gidget, and prep dinner."


Justified Pride

Lindsey Jacobellis/Instagram

Jacobellis' X-Games success means the most to her. "My most treasured accomplishments are my 10 X-Games Gold Medals," she told Whistle. "Those courses were the biggest and scariest courses and that was an amazing feeling to win. I have also been so excited that I have been able to keep competing for so many years on tour."


Training On the Road

Lindsey Jacobellis/Instagram

Jacobellis has figured out how to keep her training going even in tricky spots. "On the road workouts can be challenging when gyms are hard to find but not impossible," she told Women Fitness. "1. Walking lunges with dumbbells 2. Single leg RDL (Russian deadlifts) 3. Hanging leg raises 4.Traditional or wide leg back squats 5. Bent over single arm rows (these exercises can be done when there are limited weights to work with in a hotel gym)."

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