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Soccer Star Abby Dahlkemper In Adidas Tracksuit Is On "Daily Coffee Run"

“Daily coffee run,” she captioned the post.

Soccer star Abby Dahlkemper is a proud partner with Adidas—so of course she had to show off some of her favorite workout outfits from the brand. The San Diego Wave FC defender, 30, shared pictures of herself dressed head to toe in a black and white Adidas tracksuit, her blonde hair pulled back into a low bun. "Daily coffee run," she captioned the post. "Sue Sylvester vibes 🔥," a fan commented, referring to Jane Lynch's character on Glee. Here's what makes Dahlkemper feel happy and on top of her game.


Fresh Air Workouts

Dahlkemper loves working out outdoors. "I like being out in nature, hiking and walking around outside," she told Manchester City FC. "I think it's therapeutic for me. It's very calming and something I really enjoy. It helps me mentally to take a pause from the stresses of life, being a footballer with its ups and downs. I relish my time outside, experiencing different things. I've been lucky enough to travel as well, which is something I really enjoy."


Volunteering For Rescue Dogs

Dahlkemper is passionate about animal rights and volunteers with San Diego dog rescue The Animal Pad. "I love volunteering with The Animal Pad and helping them anyway I can. As one of the 2023 @nationwide Community Impact Award Ambassadors, this season I had the opportunity to raise even more awareness for this amazing organization. So glad to have been part of this platform and hope to keep spreading the word for these loving dogs," she captioned an Instagram post.


Enjoy the Process

Dahlkemper has a sensible philosophy when it comes to her game. "Things off the field affect stuff on the field," she told The Equalizer. "Being happy and comfortable off the field, at home directly correlates to your happiness, your confidence, your joy on the field. All of those things affect performance. At the end of the day, performance is key at this level. It's professional sports. It's tough, it's hard. I think finding joy in hard things is important as well, and I think maybe in the past I didn't really realize that. Enjoy the process, enjoy the difficult times as well as the good times."


Inspired By Her Mom

Dahlkemper is inspired by her mother, who played basketball in high school. "It's really cool and inspiring. I love hearing my mom talk about that," she told US Soccer. "You can still hear the passion and love for the game of basketball. She ended up quitting before college level and said – with a tear in her eye – that it's her one biggest regret: that when she was faced with adversity, she gave into it. She didn't have the equal opportunity as I have today with women's sport. She is proud that I faced adversity but kept marching on and pursuing my dreams. I see myself in my mother and I'm so thankful and proud to have these values instilled in me: being mentally tough, independent and kind."


Adidas Partner

Dahlkemper is thrilled to partner with Adidas. "I was obviously looking for new representation and wanted to find a brand that aligns with my core values," she told Uproxx Sports. "I value relationships a lot and I want to feel — I mean, who doesn't want to feel wanted — but I really wanted to feel wanted and cherished and I felt like adidas was the perfect fit. Right from the bat we got along great and they made me feel so welcome and I'm just so honored and humbled to represent such an amazing, globally-recognized brand."

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