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Socialite Jordyn Woods Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Birthday Behavior"

Here’s what modeling taught her.

Jordyn Woods is celebrating her birthday with an impromptu photo shoot that shows just how far the socialite has come in terms of beauty and confidence. Woods posted pictures of herself posing in a white bikini by an indoor pool, with fans commenting on how great she looked. "Birthday behavior," she captioned the post. "The hair, the body, you… everything- it's amazing! Happy birthday!!" commented Mayra Bennett. Woods is thriving after being open about her struggles over the years—here are the lifestyle tips she swears by.


Self-Care and Confidence

Woods sees working out as an expression of self-love. "I think I felt the most confident and most sexy when I started taking better care of my body," she says. "I started feeling more confident when I showed up for myself and that was when my father passed away. I took my fitness journey super personal and super seriously; it was my therapy. I feel the sexiest when I'm taking care of myself and that's how I feel now. If I am not working out for four weeks, I'm really down on myself. I realize that when I feel the best and I look at the best, I find the most sexiness in myself when I'm taking proper care of myself."


Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Woods is diligent about protecting her skin from the sun. "I wash my face and I put on a lot of moisturizer and sunscreen—that's my biggest thing: keeping my face protected," she says. "I use one that my friend's dermatologist gave her. I also use a lot of Kiehl's products. The sun is so harsh. I feel like I'm just starting to figure it out. The first time I got foundation, I didn't know that you had to get your right skin color so I just got something that looked like it and it was bright orange. I thought it looked good."


What Modeling Taught Her


Woods had to learn to build a thick skin. "I think a true boss knows there is always more to learn," she says. "You have to keep going, always. Modeling really helps me find my confidence and break out of my shell. When I first started modeling it taught me to face rejection. In the industry and life in general there are going to be a lot of people who don't like you or understand you, you have to be ok with the fact that what other people think really doesn't matter."


Embracing Her Individuality

Woods is grateful for who she is. "I always tell people – and myself – your individuality is your greatest gift," she says. "You are given this body for a reason, God gave you this vessel, and own that. If I don't like something that I can work on, I work on it. If it's something I can't change, I accept and just know that it's given to me for a reason and just owning that and confidence is everything in any situation."


Thankful For Staying Unique

Woods is glad she allowed her unique smile to remain intact. "I was a weird kid and I wanted to get braces," she says. "Then at one point, I was like I want to fix my gap teeth and my dad was like, 'We're not getting you braces.' And I'm happy that I didn't. You have your whole life to do things to your appearance but I feel like my smile makes different."


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