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Sofia Kenin in Two-Piece Workout Gear Does "Grass Prep"

Kenin is seen practicing tennis drills on the grass and doing sprints.

Sofia Kenin is a professional tennis player. She recently met up with trainer Gena Ball for a session. The two shared a video on their Instagram accounts. In it, Kenin is seen practicing tennis drills on the grass and doing sprints. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Sofia Kenin stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Plays Tennis

Kenin shared what she loves about tennis to Athleisure Magazine. "Everything about tennis is such a great sport! It's physical and it's a great mental sport where you have to have toughness to play it. Of course, you get to travel around the world to see so many beautiful countries, you stay at the best hotels, the food of course, going out – of course when there wasn't a bubble and you could explore the city. Of course, there are all the opportunities that come with it and the competition as well! You're able to do sports interviews, you have a team around you for the matches and when you walk on the court, it's up to you so that you can compete and leave it all out there."


She Prioritizes Recovery

Kenin tells Atheisure that recovery is an important part of her training. "I typically practice tennis twice a day for one, and a half hour practice sessions and after that, of course lunch and recovery with some of my KT Tape. Then, I'm back with my trainer for another couple of hours and recovery is very important in my daily life. I have to maintain a good recovery so that I can do my best during the training week and upcoming tournaments."


She Trusts Herself


Kenin opened up about her career in an interview with Women's Health. In it, she shared the best advice she received. "I think to trust yourself when the going gets hard. It has given me confidence to look at all the hard work I've done and remember that in tense or stressful moments, that I have a solid foundation. It helps me relax and play my best tennis under pressure."


She Eats Healthy

Sofia Kenin/Instagram

Kenin shared her typical diet with Women's Health. "I try to keep foods fairly simple. I usually stick with pasta pre-match as it gives me the necessary carbs and won't upset my stomach. I also make sure to hydrate really well before the match, too. After the match it's also important to refuel as quickly as possible. I tend to add more protein into the post-match meal."


She's Consistent

Kenin tells Women's Health that she is consistent with fitness. "Training days are different from match days, but during offseason training I usually wake up fairly early. I tend to do two sessions of tennis, in the morning and in the afternoon. I'll usually end the day with fitness/gym. After gym I'll often get a massage or do other types of recovery. Trying to keep consistent routines has always been something that is important to me."

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