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Soha Ali Khan In Two-Piece Purple Workout Gear Says "Bring It On!"

“Bring it on!!! #fitnessmotivation #workout #vibes #bringiton,” she captioned the post.

Indian actress Soha Ali Khan is dedicated to her wellness and fitness regimen, and seems to be getting stronger by the year—her social media is proof! Khan, 45, shared a video of herself wearing purple leggings and a black tank top, lifting heavy weights at the gym with a personal trainer. "Bring it on!!! #fitnessmotivation #workout #vibes #bringiton," she captioned the post, showing her using both machines and free-form dumbbells. "Such an inspiration you are," an admiring fan commented. Here's how the star stays fit, healthy, and beautiful. 


HIIT Workouts

Khan enjoys HIIT and strength workouts. "My workout routine is a mixture of high intensity interval training, yoga and jogging," she told The Financial Express. "I usually indulge myself with HIIT four times a week, jog twice and practice yoga maybe once a week. This exercise routine also helps me set a good example for my daughter, and I definitely sleep better at night, feel happier and relaxed – thanks to my exercise regime."


Healthy Snacks


Khan keeps healthy snacks on hand to avoid consuming junk food. "I do this by mostly adding foods like nuts like almonds, Haldi, Hing, in my own and my family's diet," she told The Financial Express. "Having a little one at home also puts me under a microscope as she eats from my plate regularly, so to make sure she eats well too, I add ingredients that are healthy and tasty like broccoli, almonds, fish, dal, etc. to my meals. Additionally, since childhood my mom has inculcated the habit of consuming almonds daily, and I also know that they are a source of 15 nutrients such as vitamin E, magnesium, protein, riboflavin, zinc, etc. which is important to help grow your muscle mass and keep you energetic through the day."


Light Dinner


Dinner is Khan's lightest meal of the day. "I start my day with lukewarm water/Methi water along with a handful of plain or soaked almonds and consume them through the day at regular intervals, to keep my cravings at bay," she told NDTV Food. "For breakfast, I usually eat a Dosa or an omelet with fresh fruits and a gluten-free toast with honey. For lunch, I like to eat chicken or fish with some dal, vegetables, and brown rice or roti. I end the day on a light note and usually have a salad with lots of vegetables, almonds, and herbs drizzled with a citrus dressing."


Holistic Skincare

Khan is a firm believer that when it comes to beauty, you are what you eat. "I am very particular when it comes to skincare and a believer in the natural skincare routine," she told The Financial Express. "I've also been very mindful of my diet in order to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Besides eating healthy food to nourish my skin from within, I also make sure to keep myself hydrated and drink at least 2-3 liters of water as it helps balance the pH level, flushes out the toxins, prevents zits and acne, and helps reduces the sagging of skin."


Beetroot Juice

Khan makes sure she and her family consume plenty of immune-supporting fruits in the winter. "During winters, I try to include as many seasonal fruits as possible in our diet," she told NDTV Food. "I like having beetroot juice and Amla, because of their beneficial values for the skin. Beetroot juice gives a glow to my skin and has anti-inflammatory properties."

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