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Sonja Morgan in Black Workout Gear Does Yoga For "Self Care"

Here are her “international fashion lifestyle brand" tips.

The Real Housewives of New York alum Sonja Morgan is 60 and thriving. Morgan, who also took part in Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy, shared pictures from a trip to the We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, a retreat she has attended many times after filming wraps. One of the pictures showed Morgan looking serene as she did a yoga pose in black shorts and a tank top. "💙 Self care🧖‍♀️🫧," she captioned the post. Here's what the reality star's wellness regimen looks like.


Personal Trainer

Morgan works out with a trainer who doesn't push her too hard. "I just started with this new trainer, Michael Blauner," she told New York Social Diary. "I get so many emails from trainers. I don't want to work out. But, if I put in a little bit of effort, I get a lot back. And this guy is very good. He's very well known. And he doesn't push me too hard. We do a walk in the park, do some weights. I got rid of the gym here. I got rid of the rowing machine. I don't want to kill myself. It doesn't take much to keep me in shape."


Supplement Queen


Fans of Morgan on Housewives are aware of the huge number of supplements she takes. "Dr. Eric Braverman is who I see every two months for life longevity," she told New York Social Diary. "His bedside manner is terrible, but he's a genius. He is the best at balancing hormones. Every couple of months, I go and I test my blood. He tests for everything. He'll tell you how your thyroid is. He'll tell you if you need testosterone, estrogen, magnesium. Do you have mercury in your blood? Do you need sonograms? How fast is your brain? Sometimes it's just a matter of taking the magnesium which is calming."


Vegetarian-ish Diet

Morgan has dabbled in a plant-free lifestyle, but it didn't stick. "I was trying to be vegan and people said no you're vegetarian darling 'cause you wear leather and I was crushed," she told Town & Country. "I was eating oysters and I thought those were vegan 'cause they were raw—no, no, no. I learned a lot—so I'm vegetarian but once in a while I'll have a hamburger or hot dog. Everything in moderation!"


Friendship First

Morgan says the best thing about her time on Housewives was the friendships. "The trick to doing the show is to learn from it and understand that friendships come first and the show comes second, if you can believe that," she told The Daily Beast. "What Bethenny went through was so hard. I like to know that we were there for her. I like to know we were there for Luann. We laugh about Ramona dating so much, but she's doing OK after her divorce and we're there for her. I'm there for Dorinda even though she said some nasty things. I'm there for Tinsley, even though she was insecure."


Moving Forward

Morgan is thrilled with her time on Housewives and has no regrets. "You just can't live in the past. You've got to reinvent yourself and move forward," she told New York Social Diary. "For me, it's worked out really well because first and foremost, I got my independence back. And now I'm part of pop culture. Other women, divorced women, widows, women going through tough times financially are encouraged by me. Plus, my charities have benefited because I have a higher platform and the exposure that comes with that."

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