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Sophie Choudry In Workout Gear Says "Good Health Is the Greatest Wealth"

“Take care of yourself physically and mentally.”

British-Indian actress Sophie Choudry is reminding fans about the important things in life. Choudry, 42, shared a reel of herself doing a variety of different workouts, including one where she's doing a mat workout in orange leggings and a black sports bra. "Good health is the greatest wealth!! Regular exercise, a healthy diet, nature, love and doing things that make your heart happy! Take care of yourself physically and mentally!!" she captioned the post. Here's what the star's diet, training, and wellness regimen looks like.


Weekly Workouts

Choudry works out four times a week. "I do Pilates, strength training, and cardio," she told Times of India. "I go four times a week. I don't work out to be skinny or anything like that. As soon as work gets full-blown again, in terms of stage shows and shooting, you need to be fit to be in this line of work. It makes me really happy and I enjoy working out."


Pilates Sessions

Sophie Choudry/Instagram

Choudry loves Pilates best out of all her workout choices. "I think if you are lucky to find the form of workout you enjoy, then you will be excited to go," she told Times of India. "For some people, it's weight training, yoga, running, dancing. For me it is Pilates. Because I love it so much so it never feels like a routine or chores. It is something I am really passionate about. I still try to do some stuff online at home because I realized that I enjoy that. It is possible to stay fit at home. There is so much stuff available online on YouTube. It is really about your determination."


Pandemic Workouts

Choudry switched to online workouts during the pandemic lockdowns. "I somehow managed to stay fit through lockdown by doing online sessions with my trainer, Yashmin Karachiwala, and followed YouTube videos," she told Times of India. "With all of us being stuck in our homes, one thing we have to do is focus on our health. Working out helps me to keep my physical fitness and mental sanity. I got into such a good routine through the lockdown."


Beauty Diet

Choudry likes to take care of her skin through her diet. "I know that people put all kinds of things on their faces. Fruits, nuts, vegetables but that's not my thing," she told IDiva. "I prefer to eat healthy and let that reflect on my skin. If I feel a little pale in color, I start drinking a blend of apple, beet and carrot juice. In a couple of days, the skin looks brighter."


Not a Party Girl

Choudry lives a quiet life. "Contrary to the glam-party image, I hardly ever drink and I don't smoke," she told IDiva. "I'm in bed by 12AM and up at 7AM, and I eat healthy. But yes sometimes, if I've indulged in unhealthy goodies, I workout more, drink a lot of coconut water, mint tea and I eat a lot of salads and fresh fruit. That works well for me."

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