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Sophie Choudry Shares Swimsuit Video of "Last of Summer"

Here are her top lifestyle habits

Sophie Choudry is celebrating the end of summer in her swimsuit. In a few of her latest social media posts the singer looks incredible in a bathing suit while walking on the beach. "The last of summer💛 #summer23 #beachlife #beachlover #ocean #islandvibes #trending #bikinilife #sophiechoudry #september #mothernature," she captioned the Instagram posts. How does the 41-year-old keep herself healthy? Celebwell compiled some of her top diet and fitness habits. 


Daily Workouts

Sophie exercises daily. "I do pilates, strength training, and cardio," she told Times of India. " I go four times a week. I don't work out to be skinny or anything like that. As soon as work gets full-blown again, in terms of stage shows and shooting, you need to be fit to be in this line of work. It makes me really happy and I enjoy working out."


No Crash Diets


"I don't believe in extreme dieting or extreme workouts," Sophie told OnManorama. "My motto has always been consistency. I feelI feel fitness has to be a part of your lifestyle and it should come naturally to yourself.Then, you will not find it difficult and you will not treat it as a chore."


Healthy Eating

Sophie eats extremely healthy food. "I wake up in the morning and start my day with a cup of my own detox tea, Fittox, which is really good and I genuinely swear by it. It's a great way for me to start my day," she told Telegraph. "Breakfast is super important, that's the meal I look forward to. It can be eggs and toast or avocado on toast or almond milk porridge with some berries. I have a green tea with it." For lunch she enjoys one or two rotis with sabzi or a grilled chicken with a salad or an avocado salad. "My five o'clock snack is some dry fruits and a coffee at 7pm in the evening, I have some soup. If I'm really hungry, I might have some tofu or a little bit of chicken with that. After 8pm, I don't eat. If I'm hungry, then I'll have a herbal tea at night while watching Netflix or something. Or hopefully, my own show Work It Up (laughs)! I'll probably just have herbal tea and a piece of dark chocolate, that's about it," she concluded.


Cheat Meals

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Sophie cheats on occasion. "I have a sweet tooth. So, it has to be something like pancakes or waffles or caramel popcorn while watching a movie or something like that. I don't eat pizza at all, not interested," she told Telegraph. 


Snorkeling and Swimming

In a recent post, Sophie showed off her snorkeling skills. Surprisingly, putting on a snorkel and fins and swimming through the water is a great workout. In addition to being a great aerobic exercise and burning calories, other health benefits may include improved cardiovascular function, stress reduction, mood enhancement, and muscular toning. 

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