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Sophie Guidolin in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Health is Wealth"

Here are her top lifestyle tips. 

Sophie Guidolin is giving herself a "health is wealth" challenge. In a new social media post the influencer shows off her amazing body in a two-piece, belly-baring sweatsuit as she discusses her daily health habits. "This is simply a 'health is wealth' @thebod_ edit style challenge, no weight loss target, or specific end goal except radical accountability and personal growth. There is no group, book or sign up—it is just me, trying to improve myself every day and embrace growth. Feel free to join in at any time, I am posting these as daily vlog styles. Please note, some of these may be super small, trivial acts I am personally performing. However, it is important this is maintainable for me, is simply about being a better human each day and accountability—not preaching, just sharing," she writes. How does she approach health and wellness? Here are her top lifestyle tips. 


Fuel Up with Protein and Energizing Carbs

Sophie Guidolin/Instagram

Sophie fuels up in the morning and afternoon with protein and carbs. "Overnight oats are my go-to and I make my own version of 'Snicker Oats' which I never get sick of – oats, water, chocolate protein powder, macadamia butter and maple syrup," she tells Women FItness. "Overnight oats to provide protein and carbs to fuel my morning workout. Then I love eating a big lunch like butter chicken or teriyaki chicken with rice."


Focus on Macronutrients


Sophie focuses on macronutrients. "Macros stands for macronutrients – the 'big three' components of every food: fats, protein and carbs. By tracking your macros against your nutritional and body compositional goals, you can eat the foods you love and still get the body you want. First you work out your daily caloric intake, based on your body composition and activity level. Then you calculate your goal intake of fats, protein and carbs. Then you track your food (I use MyFitnessPal) to ensure you don't over- and under-eat a particular macro. It's a flexible way of mindfully eating, which allows me to eat out with my kids, travel without dietary restriction, and live lean year-round," she tells Women Fitness. 


Exercise Daily

Sophie Guidolin/Instagram

Sophie works out How often does she work out? "3-4 in a normal week, 4-5 in the lead-up to a competition," she tells Women Fitness. "The alarm goes off at 4:30am. I get up, get dressed, grab my overnight oats from the fridge (which I eat in the car), hit the gym for a weights session and am back at home before my four children are awake and ready to start their day."


Lift Weights

Sophie Guidolin/Instagram

Sophie recommends weight lifting. "I LOVE weight training. I do minimal 'traditional' cardio, but a solid weight session can get your heart pumping as much as a cardio sesh – with a longer after-burn," she says. For legs, I love squats, sumo deadlifts and hip thrusts. For abs, I actually find that the compound lifts train my core without the need for specific 'ab' workouts. For upper body, pull-ups are key. I love rows because they help with my posture (I have scoliosis) and like pull down as it helps develop the muscles required to assist in pull ups!"


Count Reps

Sophie Guidolin/Instagram

Sophie stresses the importance of counting reps in a recent post. "There is a rep range of 10-14 that is the golden ticket to hypertrophy, where muscles whisper (or sometimes shout), 'We're growing, babe!' 📈 It's like baking the perfect cake – the right ingredients, the right time, and boom – masterpiece! 🎂 However, I like to focus on 4-6 reps (SUPER heavy!) then 10-14 reps and then a VOLUME day…. 42+ reps.. hahaha like my 8kg dumbbell curls," she says. 

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