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Sophie Kasaei In Workout Gear Says "Be Kind To Yourself"

“Be kind to yourself girls we all deserve these days no matter how you chose to do it 🥰🌸."

Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei is giving fans a look at what a typical day of self-care looks like. Kasaei, 34, shared a video of herself starting the day by hitting the treadmill in leggings and a gray sports bra, getting a massage, going to a spa, and getting her nails done. "Be kind to yourself girls we all deserve these days no matter how you chose to do it 🥰🌸," she captioned the post. Kasaei is open about the hard work it took her to lose weight and get strong—here's how she did it. 


Protein and Rice

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Kasaei enjoys a protein-packed diet with plenty of healthy grains. "Breakfast is poached eggs with turkey or chicken sausages, a slice of Danish bread or Warburtons Thins, spinach, tomatoes, asparagus and ketchup on the side," she told Closer. "Then I'll have a shot of ginger turmeric, apple cider vinegar and black pepper – it helps me have regular bowel movements. Lunch is salmon with lemon and parsley and brown rice, or a sweet potato with yogurt mixed with chicken tikka slices. Dinner is usually a chicken stir-fry, or a coconut red Thai curry."


Weight Loss and Revenge Body

Kasaei lost weight after making huge lifestyle changes. "The treadmill became like therapy for me. It felt like 45 minutes away from my hectic, crazy life and I started to spend more and more time at the gym," she told The Sun. "First of all it was just once or twice a week, then three times doing maybe 40 minutes on the treadmill at gradually higher inclines. All this coincided with my parents getting divorced and then splitting up with Joel [Corry]. It was a very low point in my life. I got a personal trainer and decided I was going to get myself a revenge body.  I said to myself, 'You need to look after yourself and better things will happen' — and that's exactly how it's turned out."


Sunday Roast


Kasaei loves to cook a traditional British Sunday roast dinner, with plenty of protein and vegetables. "I make an absolute dream of a Sunday roast," she told Closer. "Garlic and cheese mushrooms for starters, then a roast chicken, with garlic roast spuds, homemade gravy and all the trimmings. I'm half Persian and love middle-eastern food like a mixed grill platter, rice salads and hummus."


Geordie Shore Diet

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Kasaei is thankful to leave the Geordie Shore diet behind her. "Geordie Shore was a lot of fun but the show was terrible for my figure," she told The Sun. "My diet consisted of fish and chips, pizzas, kebabs and burgers — and I'd be shoving cakes down my face every night. Then it would be free drinks at nightclubs. It was a vicious circle and, inevitably, it started to take its toll on my body. I knew it was not good for me but I was in a rut."


Love For Healthy Food

Kasaei genuinely loves healthy food now. "I wouldn't look twice at a McDonald's any more and I'll order fish or a steak with some veg rather than a greasy burger now," she told The Sun. "Or if I need a snack I'll now go for a protein bar oa salad. I actually enjoy eating nice food now. It's tastier and I've got more energy than ever.  I'm now a size eight to ten. Everyone gets a massive shock when they see me in the flesh. They're like, 'Oh my God, you're tiny in real life'."

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