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'Soul Surfer' Bethany Hamilton In Workout Gear Goes Hiking and Camping

She’s been on the road for a month.

Professional surfer and inspirational speaker Bethany Hamilton is enjoying spring adventures with friends and family. Hamilton, 34, shared highlights of life recently, including a lovely sunny picture of herself wearing black leggings and a purple shirt, posing on a hiking trail. "Spring photo dump and it's been a full one. 🔥 We spent a month on the road for a speaking tour and mixed in some surfing, education, visits with loved ones and lots of fun! Since returning home I've been in soak up the sun mode and spending a lot of family time at the beach! And of course catching up on the many things that we neglect while traveling!" she captioned the post. Here's how the busy mom-of-four stays fit, happy, and thriving in her 30s.


Training Routine

Hamilton is active every day, both with surfing and training. "I surf just about every day, especially when I'm home. Sometimes I even surf several times a day when I'm home," she told Daily Burn. "On land, I do TRX and CrossFit workouts, focusing on posture and good form. These help me build and maintain strength, which boosts my confidence in the ocean, as well as in my daily life. I also practice Egoscue, which is a specific form of stretching. Lots of people overwork their body and don't focus enough on stretching. I like to try and keep my body as healthy as possible. I play tennis, and go on hikes and runs when I'm able as well. There isn't really an off-season for me because I surf all over the world."


Organic Whole Food Diet

Hamilton enjoys a nutritious diet with emphasis on whole foods. "Eating organic, clean, whole foods is important to me," she told Daily Burn. "I've also become a big fan of Zico Coconut Water, post-workout. I drink it right before I stretch."


Inclusive Spaces

Hamilton partnered with Degree Deodorant to raise awareness about their #TrainersForHire initiative. "I've experienced judgment and maybe a little bit of discrimination firsthand against my ability as an athlete," she told Shape. "I'm thrilled to partner with Degree and cheer on healthy change in the fitness industry and to increase representation of the adaptive community. Movement is for everyone, regardless of our differences."


Extra Support

Hamilton wants the gym to be welcoming to people of all abilities. "In my own experience, working with trainers — especially in my younger years when I was still figuring out my life with one arm — really helped build my confidence and get my creative juices flowing as far as adapting with one arm," she told Shape. "Differences come in so many forms and it's unfortunate how many people are scared to go to the gym because they don't feel welcomed, are maybe just lacking the confidence, and just need some extra support."


Proud Role Model

Hamilton is proud to be a role model for the yonder generation. "It's definitely an honor being a role model, especially for young girls, and to be able to have my Friends of Bethany foundation, which supports shark attack survivors and amputees," she told Daily Burn. "And I try to be the best person, as well as athlete, that I can be. It's hard these days — there aren't always the best role models out there. My faith keeps me grounded and I try to make good choices in life. Plus, I have a good group of friends around me."

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