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Southern Charm Star Madison LeCroy Shares Swimsuit Photo as "It's the Season"

Here are her beauty and lifestyle tips.

Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy's swimsuit line is very in demand—and no wonder, when she's always modeling pieces from the collection. LeCroy shared a reel of herself posing in a variety of different swimsuits and bikinis, looking absolutely stunning on a beautiful beach. "It's the time of the season 👙Madison LeCroy X @beachriot," she captioned the post. "Wow, the next Christy Brinkley😍," an admiring fan commented. How does LeCroy maintain her killer looks and physique? Here are her tips and tricks.


Shedding For the Wedding

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

LeCroy works out several times a week to keep up with husband Brett Randle. The reality star reveals she adapted an intense exercise regimen in the run up to their wedding in 2022. "My workout routine is five to six days a week — sometimes two times a day," she said. "My fiancé is hot, so I have to work out."


Hair Extensions

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

LeCroy's hair care routine is built around her hair extensions, which she's been rocking since she was 18 years old. "The Great Lengths Tape-In Extensions are my favorite way to add length and volume to my hair," she says. "There are so many reasons why I love them, one of them being that these extensions are created using Double Drawn Remy Hair, so the hair is the same thickness from the root to the tip." ​​


Dermatologist Sessions


LeCroy sees a dermatologist to stay on top of her skin issues. "I go to a place here in Charleston called Ella Ora and see Kristen Joy VanGuilder who people come from all over to see, I'm lucky to get an appointment," she says. "She has me on MBR products, it's a German brand. I have suffered with rosacea recently and she has me on all these calming products. I've had to chill out on my workouts and the red wine unfortunately because of it, but I do use all the MBR products religiously. I wash my face at night with the cleanser ($98) and do my healing mask ($330) and wake up to no texture and just radiant skin, which is hard when you are wearing like all this T.V. makeup, and it can get a little congested. I always follow up with the EltaMD Light Tinted Sunscreen ($35)."


Wedding Beauty Routine

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

LeCroy paid special attention to her beauty routine as she approached her wedding. "I never really neglected my skin," she says. "I would always try new products and whatnot, but [as I'm] getting close to the wedding, I started doing more facials and I realized that this makeup I'd been packing on every day clogged my pores, and all these things I'm trying to avoid… A lot of people don't know about MBR (Medical Beauty Research). They have a three-in-one cleanser, which I follow with a serum, and then a rich moisturizer. I don't care how tipsy I am at night, I make sure I wash my face every single night. And if I'm having a breakout, they have a mask I'll sleep in twice a week."


Jessica Simpson Doppelganger

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

LeCroy jokes about meeting Jessica Simpson some day and pointing out how similar their looks are. " I'm kind of like 'Hey, when are you going to recognize that I've been you for Halloween for the last six years of my life?' I will say I always get comments that I look like her or the Dukes of Hazzard or 'Daisy Duke' Jessica," she says. "I am a huge fan and I think it kind of started when I was like 18 or 19 when I started to wear hair extensions. That's kind of when it started, and it's stuck forever. If she ever needs a doppelgänger, I'm her girl."

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