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Southern Charm Star Naomie Olindo Shares Poolside Swimsuit Looks

The one fat loss hack she swears by.

Southern Charm star Naomie Olindo enjoyed what looked like the most fun staycation at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles over the summer. Olindo shared a reel of herself lounging by the hotel pool in a bikini, sipping on a cocktail with pal Jordan Harper while riffing on a scene from The Office. "Not even THE @jordanharper_np can manage me!" she humorously captioned the post. How does Olindo balance her health and wellness while filming a reality show? Here's how she does it.


Intermittent Fasting


Olindo credits intermittent fasting with "melting" the fat off her body. "I just adjust to whatever my lifestyle is at the time," she says. "If I'm traveling a lot, I try to curb sweets and bad food because I know I'm going to be drinking. It's just a balance. I don't really restrict anything. I try to eat intuitively. I don't always succeed. No one does. Naturally, I'm a big binge eater. When I'm doing well, when I feel like I'm healthy, I do intermittent fasting. You break your fast with a Blender Bomb smoothie. I'm a big snacker, so I just kind of graze. I graze throughout the day and then I'll eat a bigger dinner and try to stop eating around 8 or 9 p.m."


Pushed Into Working Out

Olindo makes herself work out even when she doesn't feel motivated. "I am just not a naturally athletic person," she says. "I don't like working out. I like hot pockets… BUT I make myself workout 3-5 times a week. Like really force myself. The only workout I do is @hylofitness in Charleston. The coaches push me and I need to be pushed." 


MBA Graduate


Olindo graduated from school in 2018, and is happy to have a back up in business. "I was in an MBA program with  a focus in finance," she said. "I graduated from that in July. I just started with a partner, a new business. I'm actually in the office with her right now, so we're working on that and hoping to launch in the middle of May. I don't want to give anymore details about that because if there's one thing I've learned from Landon, it was not to talk about what you're doing until you've accomplished it."


Honest About Plastic Surgery

Olindo is open about cosmetic procedures. "I've never understood why it's so taboo to talk about work that you're doing. I got a ton of kickback when I did my nose a few years ago," she says. "People were like, 'Oh, my God, you shouldn't have done that.' I'm like, 'Guys, I didn't do it for you.' I did it because when I looked in the mirror, I saw something that I didn't like. If I have the resources to change it, why wouldn't I? It's not your issue."


It Takes a Village

Olindo thinks it's unrealistic for women to look like Jennifer Lopez without getting plenty of help. "I'm so happy for J. Lo.," she says. "What I have a problem with is normal women are looking at that like, 'I'm not aging well because look at J. Lo, she doesn't do anything. She's using olive oil and I am not, and I don't look like that. What is wrong with me?' Unless you have the best team of the best everything, you're not going to [look like Jennifer]."

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