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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Star Kimiko Glenn Shares Swimsuit Photo Looking "OMG"

Here's how she stays in shape.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse star Kimiko Glenn is enjoying a little bit of beach time during her time off. Glenn, 34, shared some cheeky pictures of herself frolicking in the sand in a bronze bikini, against a backdrop of ocean and dramatic cliffs. "I think I finally found my celebrity crush guys," a fan commented. Glenn works hard in movies, TV, and voiceover—here's how she does it, and how she chooses her roles.


Voiceover Work


Glenn enjoys the freedom that comes with doing voiceover work. "Well, my whole life and my whole career, especially when it comes to on-camera work or theatrical work, anything in person, it all hinges off a physical appearance a lot of the time," she says. "So that can be difficult. And recently it's gotten a bit better but it has been a thing simmering under the surface my entire life because it's always played a factor in what I do. So to remove that and to have it be completely just me and my talent and what I have to offer without any of this stuff — when you just simply get to have fun and play — it's like freedom."


Oil Cleansing


Glenn uses oil to cleanse her skin. "I have genetically okay skin, which is nice," she says. "But I'll break out if I'm stressed or not eating well, or if I sleep with my makeup on. I've started oil cleansing, and that's really helped keep my skin calm. I also use rosewater and glycerin spray before I moisturize, and that locks the moisture in." 


Protein Before Performance


Glenn fuels herself with protein before her Waitress performance. "I eat a full meal two hours before the show," she says. "After the song, I basically eat throughout the whole show! I'm putting in a ton of energy that I get so hungry. I usually bring a protein box from Starbucks and eat that during intermission, and usually there are pastries around. Not a lot of pies though. Schmackary's cookies are the main thing."


Natural Deodorant

Glenn uses Lavanila natural deodorant. "My experience with natural deodorants is that certain ones can burn and be really painful," she says. "A lot of them are roll-on too, which I find hard to apply. And a lot don't do anything, so you're still stinky. I found that this feels like your pharmacy brand deodorant. Apply it and you're done. I don't have to reapply it throughout the day. It's the first natural one I've tried that really worked."


Role Model

Glenn is careful about the roles she chooses. "I'm terribly specific about the kind of work I want to be doing," she says. "I love to tell stories. If there's a role that speaks to me, I go for it. But I also like to be a part of something that says something. That changes the world for the better and doesn't continue to put forward or perpetuate certain stereotypes and certain ways of thinking that aren't helpful to our world. So I try to be mindful as much as possible because I think the media informs how we think so much more than we actually realize."

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