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Stacy Keibler In Workout Gear Shares "Full Body Burn" Core Workout

"This pose builds on functional strength..."

WWE star Stacy Keibler is emphasizing the importance of a strong core. Keibler, 44, shared a video of herself wearing purple Alo Yoga leggings and a matching tank top, doing a mat workout on her balcony. "Feeling a little sluggish? Enter the "teaser"! 💪. Yes, we're talking about core strength but it's bigger than rock hard abs! 🧘‍♀️This pose builds on functional strength so it's helping you do everyday tasks! It's a full body burn but also a great way to ground and center yourself," she captioned the post. Here's how Keibler stays happy, healthy, and fit.


Country Living

Keibler moved her family from Los Angeles to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and loves it. "Spending time in nature is very important to me," she told Organic Spa Magazine. "I grew up that way. There were woods behind our house and we would spend hours there. Connecting with nature is good for my health, happiness and overall well-being. We are a very active family, and take advantage of the paradise we live in. Our family goes on regular hikes and bike rides. We go fishing, skiing, we even enjoy stargazing together."


Running In Nature


Keibler loves running, especially in nature. "I started running because it was always the easiest form of exercise to get in," she told Women's Running. "No matter where I was in the world, I could go outside my hotel and take a run. I really found a passion for that. Running really is like meditation for me. It's good for my heart and my head, especially if I have beautiful scenery to look at."


Holistic Health

Keibler's approach to wellness is different these days. "I had always loved the fitness side of health and wellness, but was never into the diet and nutrition piece until I had health issues," she told Organic Spa Magazine. "Suddenly, I had an awakening and decided that I wanted to heal everything in a holistic manner. I only use organic, nontoxic products—food, skincare, cleaning products for the house. We seek out organic foods since they contain less pesticides, heavy metals and usually don't contain preservatives. Organic farming is also better for the environment." 


Meditation Sessions

Keibler starts her day with a meditation session. "I had a friend who practiced, and I got a guided meditation CD from her," she told Women's Running. "It's really great on a long flight—if you load it onto your iPod, you can have the most relaxing travel experience ever."


Family First

Keibler is happy to focus on her family for the time being, juggling responsibilities with husband Jared Pobre. "There is nothing like the energy of performing, it is incredible," she told Organic Spa Magazine. "But it is not possible with kids… It would have to be the right project, when the kids are older. We work from home. If one of us needs to work, we do, and the other takes care of the kids. We are truly partners in business and at home."

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