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Stephanie Pratt In Workout Gear Plays Pickleball At the Country Club

“Pickleball 👸,” she captioned the sunny post.

The Hills star Stephanie Pratt is the latest celebrity to jump onto the pickleball trend. Pratt, 37, shared an upbeat picture of herself wearing a purple athletic jacket and black Alo Yoga hat, smiling as she posed in a golf cart at the Los Angeles Country Club. "Pickleball 👸," she captioned the sunny post. Pickleball is just one way Pratt has fun while staying fit and beautiful—here's how the Made In Chelsea star takes care of her health and wellness, through working out, diet, and protecting her mental health.


Weighted Backpack Workouts


Pratt says her most intense workout is cardio sessions with extra weight, which is a great way to give regular cardio a little edge. "[I like] running up hills on hikes with a weighted backpack," she told MailOnline. "I'll put two 2lb weights in, and three water bottles."


Lots of Protein

Pratt follows a 70/30 balance of healthy decisions vs relaxing the rules. Her main diet rule is to eat lots of protein, especially for satiety. "I do make sure I eat vegetables every day," she told MailOnline. "If I'm trying to get slim I'll cut out fruit just because of the sugar. If I eat a lot of protein I don't feel hunger. Protein is the key. I'd rather have eggs for breakfast than oatmeal because oatmeal is carbs and I'll just feel hungry again straight after."


Yoga and Meditation

Pratt practices yoga, meditation, and journaling to destress. "Drugs and talk therapy have traditionally been the go-to remedies for depression and anxiety," say the experts at Harvard Health. "But complementary approaches, such as yoga, also helps, and yoga stacks up well when compared with other complementary therapies."


Outdoor Workouts

Pratt is a California girl, and loves the outdoors lifestyle whenever she's in sunny Los Angeles. "I'm pretty healthy because I'm from LA and it's the lifestyle I grew up with. Because it's so nice out, I definitely feel a lot more pressure to be fit when I'm in LA than when I'm here in London," she told MailOnline. "I think it's the weather to be honest. In LA there are so many outdoor activities you can do hiking, cycling, swimming, it's more of a lifestyle thing there."


Aloe Vera and Coconut

Pratt loves aloe vera and coconut water for a delicious way to stay hydrated. "Aloe is an unassuming plant," registered dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD, LD, tells Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials. "It doesn't really look like it's all that special. But it can actually provide a lot of benefits. "If you're drinking aloe vera juice, you're going to get hydrated," says Czerwony. "That's going to give your skin extra moisture, and so you're going to have less chance of having acne."


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